Podcasting for Beginners

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If you’ve ever wanted to start or grow your podcast, this course is designed for you. Gain all the fundamental (and a few advanced) skills you need to create a podcast you’re proud of. Easily digestible, go-at-your-own pace lessons taught by some of the most seasoned podcasters on the internet will challenge you and help grow your confidence — until you’re  a podcasting pro! 

Create a podcast. Join a community.

Whether you’re just getting started, or you want to grow your podcast, this subscription course is designed to take your skills  to the next level with:

  • On-demand access to content — updated annually
  • Quarterly sessions led by the WordPress.com team
  • Regular office hours with WordPress.com Happiness Engineers to answer your questions
  • A certificate of completion
  • Access to an exclusive online podcasting community

We will be there for you every step of the way as you get your first podcast off the ground — guiding you from initial content ideas, through any technical issues, all the way up to submitting your first episode, building your community and making money from your work.

This course is video-driven, with over six hours of original recordings. The videos are captioned in English and transcripts are available.

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What People are Saying

Yes! I have been thinking about podcasting for several months now. Was getting overwhelmed with the technical aspects – specifically about hosting and submitting to directories. I had no idea it was this easy with WordPress, so thank you! I will begin recording my blog posts 🙂

I had thought about starting a podcast, and now with this information and inspiration, I definitely will. Thank you.

I am planning to start a podcast for a long time, but couldn’t know where to begin, now i have got an idea of how to begin it, So, Big thank you to you guys.

I will look further into podcasting. I don’t have any immediate plans, but it is nice to know that the functionality is on the WordPress site. I didn’t realize that it was available and looks like it is easy to use.