Building Plugins and Themes for WP Job Manager

Thanks to WordPress, many developers were able to launch businesses utilizing it as their base. Creating a plugin or a theme that runs flawlessly with WordPress allowed lots of companies to boost their businesses and even make their WordPress products their main source of income.

Similarly, lots of companies created their business on top of WP Job Manager. This is great and something we are very proud of! WP Job Manager’s design encourages lots of people to create their own plugins with the sole purpose of extending the functionality of our plugin even further. Along with plugins, we’ve seen an entire theme market created that specializes in creating the best experience for a WP Job Manager based site.

Getting listed on the third-party page

In the last few years, we added a page that lists all the third-party plugins and themes we recommend. After launching this, we regularly began receiving new requests from plugin/theme developers who want to see their WPJM products featured there. This is exciting as we are happy to include new products on our recommendation pages! To help make sure we are only recommending the very best products to our shared user base, we are implementing a new guideline and code of conduct that must be met in order to be included on our recommendations page.

The product must pass our code review.

When you submit your plugin or a theme you created for WP Job Manager, it needs to pass our code review. Please make sure to check the latest WordPress coding standards and Pull Requests from our dev team and our contributors. That will give you a good idea of what we are looking for!

The product must be under GPL license

All our products, free and paid, are licensed under GPL. The product you make, must be under GPL as well.

The product’s name must not imply it’s our own product

If you are going to use WP Job Manager or WPJM in your product’s name, it must not imply any affiliation to our own products. Example:

Not allowed: WP Job Manager Awesome Plugin

Allowed: Awesome plugin for WP Job Manager

The product must not use our logo

We are very proud of our logo and we encourage you to create your own 🙂

Code of conduct

You must also agree not to fork any of our products or the third-party products we listed on the page.

Did you create a plugin or a theme for WP Job Manager and you’d like to have it featured among our recommended third-party products? Did you follow the aforementioned guidelines and the code of conduct? Get in touch with us here.

Affiliate program

If you are a plugin or a theme author looking to join our affiliate program, please get in touch with us for more info.