Martech Trends 2022 Report / When content matters, you need the right tools for the job.
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Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little launch the open source software WordPress.


Matt starts Automattic and to build a new generation of online publishing tools.


Recognizing the potential of WordPress at scale, Matt creates WordPress VIP to support the unique content needs of large enterprises. Our first customers are large media and publishing companies, leveraging the power of WordPress to get content from newsrooms out into the world, fast.


Release of WordPress 5.0, which features Gutenberg–the WordPress block-based editor that empowers content creators with a new flexible editorial experience.


Salesforce Ventures invests in a Series D funding round, valuing Automattic at $3 billion and recognizing the huge potential of WordPress VIP in the enterprise market.


The media doesn’t own publishing anymore. Brands now outnumber media companies in our customer base, demonstrating the potential of content to achieve enterprise growth.


WordPress VIP acquires leading content analytics platform

WordPress VIP

Wondering about the difference between WordPress VIP,, and


We actively work to provide our customers with as much access and insight into our day-to-day activities as possible.


We take total responsibility for our assignments. We value partnerships with our customers and want to be seen and treated as their extended team.


We seek to understand the context in customer requests and get to the root of their objectives with the goal of coming to the best possible solution.


Our job is to fully understand the objectives, needs, and directions of our customers.

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