The Agile CMS Buyer’s Guide

Need a new CMS? Here’s what to look for.

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Looking for a new Content Management System?

This document will serve as your guide to the evaluation criteria needed to shortlist potential platforms.

As technologies and markets become more crowded, technology buyers need tools to evaluate often complex or confusing offerings. To help you, we’ve highlighted key areas of consideration below.

Content management ease of use for creators

Creators are the people across marketing, digital, design, and content who bring digital experiences to life. Democratizing access to publishing tools and removing unnecessary gatekeepers enables you to stay on top of the market and drive growth. Difficult-to-use software limits creator empowerment and creates overhead. Keep the following in mind:

  • Is the vendor’s CMS software already widely adopted, easy to learn, and easy to use? Are there widely available tutorial resources on the web?
  • Does the vendor support visual editing and easy previews across multiple devices?
  • How robust is the library of prebuilt templates, themes, and assets for plug-and-play creation?

WordPress, for example, is easy to use and ubiquitous, powering more than 40% of the web. It offers the largest ecosystem of prebuilt assets for creators to leverage, including the Gutenberg block editor, which provides easy visual editing.

Developer community, tech partnerships, plugins, and extensibility

Choosing from a menu is easier than creating from scratch. Content platforms with extensive communities empower teams to move quickly and save financially. CMSes should give you the flexibility to go from pre-builts to custom assets, ensuring agile delivery without compromising your vision.

Keep the following in mind…

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Download this guide to get all the questions you need to ask, in one place. It’s basically a script for your next call with an agile CMS vendor.

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Looking for an agile Content Management System?

Read our Agile CMS Buyer’s Guide. From content analytics and commerce to platform infrastructure and security, understand the key criteria in evaluating platforms that can help your organization use content to drive business growth.