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Big & Beautiful: Collectible Elephant Folio Books

These huge books are up to 23 inches tall and certainly live up to their name. Sturdy bookshelves are essential.

Puteshetvie Tsesarvicha Na Vostok by Prince Esper Esperovich Ukhtomsky
Raphael: Stanza Della Segnatura introduction by Bartolomeo Nogara
Travel Posters by Bevis Hillier
Selknam: Body Painting in the Snow illustrated by Martin Gusinde & translated by Peter Mason
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Collecting Civil War Books

The Civil War, a Soldier's View by Colonel G. F. R.Henderson (1958)

April marks the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. This conflict helped shape a nation and many books have been published about the personalities behind the warfare.

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New & Used Textbooks

9780618502981 Calculus

This semester, save money by purchasing cheap textbooks on AbeBooks.com. Catch a break with big discounts, incredible bargains and fantastic deals on new and used textbooks.

Limited, Numbered & Deluxe

DC Superheroes: The Ultimate Pop-up Book by Matthew Reinhart

This journey around limited editions, numbered editions and deluxe editions includes stunning photography, famous comics, politics, eye-catching art, music, poetry and much more.

Collectible ABC Books

ABC Edited by Ramon Sopena

A is for Antiquarian, B is for Beautiful...Some of the most beautiful vintage books we come across are children's books, and these gorgeous old alphabet books are no exception.

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Rare Book Room

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New & Used Textbooks

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Pop-ups & Movable Books: The Art of Paper Engineering

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