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How to Install AddThis on a Blogger Website

Installing AddThis tools on your Blogger website is simple! In this article, we will walk you through each step. If you prefer visual instructions, check out our video tutorial below:


How to Install AddThis on a Blogger Website

  1. If you haven’t already, you will first want to create an AddThis account. If you have already created an AddThis account, log in to your dashboard here.
  2. Navigate to the Tools tab and activate and customize the tool(s) that you would like to use on your website.
  3. From the Get the Code page, grab your unique code snippet under the HTML Website tab.
  4. Login to your Blogger site and click Layout in the left side navigation bar.
  5. Click on any of the Add a Gadget links within the layout.
  6. Choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget from the list.
  7. Paste the code snippet that you copied earlier from your AddThis dashboard into the content section of the gadget.
  8. Click Save.

You should now see your AddThis tool(s) appearing on your website.

If you would like to add additional tools to your site, activate them from the Tools tab of your AddThis dashboard and they will automatically appear on your site. Except for Inline tools, which require an additional snippet of code to be added to your site. Instructions for installing Inline tools are below.

Note: If you use a separate mobile template for your website, take a look at this documentation for adding tools to your mobile site.


Adding Inline Tools

To install any Inline tools on your website, you will need to add a second snippet of code to your site. This second snippet of code will specify where on your pages you would like the tools to appear.

After activating an inline tool, navigate to the Get the Code page. You will find the Inline code under the “Setup Inline Tools” section. Copy this code, then paste it in the section of your site where you would like the tool to appear.

Here are a few examples of where you can place your Inline tools:

In the sidebar

  1. In your Blogger dashboard, click Layout and then click the Add a Gadget link in the sidebar area.
  2. Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget from the list and paste your inline code into the widget.

At the top of a post

  1. In your Blogger dashboard, go to Template and then click Edit HTML.
  2. Place the button code after the <div class=”post-header-line-1″>tag in the code editor.
  3. Click Save Template.

At the bottom of a post

  1. In your Blogger dashboard, go to Template and then click on Edit HTML.
  2. Place the button code before the <div class=”post-footer”>tag in the code editor.
  3. Click Save Template.

If you have any questions about installing AddThis on your website, please contact our dedicated support team. We are happy to help!