Customization Overview

Customizing AddThis

AddThis is used on hundreds of thousands of websites, in many different forms: AddThis buttons, custom buttons, rows of buttons that we call "toolboxes", and even completely custom menu interfaces created using our Menu API.

The following pages outline how to customize AddThis, both in presentation and function.


Branding & Colors

You can customize your AddThis sharing menus to display your brand and use colors that match your site's visual design:


Custom Buttons

Custom buttons allow you to replace standard AddThis sharing buttons with your own custom button:


AddThis Toolbox

The AddThis Toolbox utilizes the Menu API to create a custom row of sharing service buttons, instead of just one "Share" button:

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Custom Language

Languages: We've designed AddThis to automatically translate itself to the language of your visitor's browser. However, you can override this feature and localize sharing buttons and menus to a specific language if desired.


In addition to look and feel, there are many ways to customize the functionality of your AddThis sharing menus:

  • URL & Title: Specify an alternate URL and/or title to be shared.
  • Menu offset & delay: Specify how long before your menu appears, and where it should be positioned.
  • Destinations: Select which services appear in your sharing menus.
  • Custom services: Add a pre-defined service to your menu at run-time.
  • Embedded content sharing: Add meta-information to your page to allow rich content such as video, HTML and widgets to be shared to destinations that accept embedded content.

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