Leverage browser caching, Improve Page Speed

Leverage-browser-cachingHave you seen this error in Google page speed? Leverage browser caching!! Here’s the fix

Browser caching of external resources can increase loading time of a web page and decrease server load.  In this article i will explain how to enable mod_expires  and to improve page speed as page speed is now 1 of Google’s many SEO factors.

Browser caching should be used for static resources such as pictures, css  and js files etc.

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Google Begins Indexing Facebook Comments

facebook-3d-200Third-party commenting engines like Disqus, Facebook Comments or Intense Debate make it easy for you to enable commenting on any website /blog but there’s one downside – some of these commenting engines are implemented in JavaScript and hence search engines may not be able to read /index the comments that visitors are writing on your web pages.

In other words, your web pages will rarely get any SEO boost as comments are rendered in JavaScript within an <IFRAME> and hence the text is not visible to search engines.

That seems to have changed recently at least in the case of Google.

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