Biz Markie

Goin' Off

February 23, 1988

Comedy Rap

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The Cold Chillin' class clown debuted with one of the most amusing sets of productions and performances of anyone during hip-hop's golden age. Markie was an oversized teenager with lyrical talents (if not finesse) far beyond his years, and material opposed to most every rapper around -- trading in nightclubs for the mall and striking a pose for picking your nose. Yes, the rhymes were often rudimentary or obvious, but infectious optimism and winning flair (plus the masterful production of Marley Marl) carried Biz Markie far beyond the status of a novelty act.

- John Bush

Lee Dorsey

Wheelin' and Dealin': The Definitive Collection

August 26, 1997

Early R&B

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New Orleans was known as the City That Care Forgot, but while Lee Dorsey was one of the Crescent City's few R&B heroes, who could sing about the stuff of adult lives, even if he made it sound sly, funny, and sexy when he complained about his job, his car, and the neighborhood gossip. And few songs can sound sweet and abjectly lonely at once like "Holy Cow."

- Mark Deming