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Setting a new milestone for the online music business, the iTunes Music Store has sold more than 400 million songs, providing music fans with the best digital experience on Mac or PC. Now iTunes offers even more ways to discover and enjoy music.

Largest Legal Download Catalog

Largest Legal Download Catalog. Select from more than 1.5 million tracks from all four major music companies and over 1,000 leading independent labels. Enjoy free 30-second previews of all songs. Find hundreds of exclusive and pre-release tracks and many rare, out-of-print albums.

War of the Worlds Missy Elliott iPods

Auto-Sync with iPod. With an iPod and iTunes, it’s a cinch to sync: fast, simple and effortless. The new Autofill option even automatically syncs just enough music for your iPod shuffle. Got photos? Now you can copy them to iPod Photo and view them on the go or on a big-screen TV.

Share Music Wirelessly

Stream Music Wirelessly to Your Home Stereo. With iTunes and an AirPort Express Base Station, you can stream music wirelessly from your Mac or PC to your home stereo or powered speakers.

Share Your iMix

Share Your iMix. Post and email songs in your playlists for everyone to see. Rate iMixes from other music lovers to drive them up or down the charts, and discover new music at the same time.

Party Shuffle

Party Shuffle. You’re the DJ with a playlist that’s always full of songs. Add, delete and rearrange them on the fly to create the best mix for the moment.

Print CD Inserts

Print CD Inserts. Create stunning CD jewel case inserts for your album or mix disc using designer templates for both color and black & white printers.

Discover Music

Discover Music. Find out what’s playing on more than 1,000 radio stations around the United States. Get music and audiobooks related to a movie. See a music video, get the track. Download a free song.

Previews in Playlists and Quick Links

Previews in Playlists and Quick Links. Save store previews to purchase later. Find more music from the artists you love via Quick Links in your library.

Upgrade from WMA

Automatically convert WMA to AAC. Convert the unprotected WMA music files you saved in Windows Media Player to AAC format.

Apple Lossless

Apple Lossless. Use the new lossless encoder to import music from CDs and achieve sound quality indistinguishable from the original, at about half the original file size. Plays in iTunes and on iPod.

#1 music download store according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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