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“It was the Alumni Fund grant that made this all possible.”

An Alumni Fund gave Jack Rossiter the chance to spend a year studying in Nepal. He now works for the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

Jack Rossiter
Jack Rossiter

The beauty of Bath is that we make a difference right across the board. It’s not just the £5m gifts that count – sometimes the smallest support can make the biggest change.

For more than a decade, our Alumni Fund has kick-started ideas (big and small), secured grants for research and given support to students where and when they need it most.

Jack Rossiter graduated last summer with a degree in Biology. Thanks to a placement grant from the Alumni Fund he was able to spend a year of his studies working in Nepal. He now works for the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

"The whole year was such a valuable experience"

Jack's story:

“My placement year in Nepal was truly invaluable to me. I was based with the National Trust for Nature Conservation in Chitwan National park, a UNESCO world heritage site for biodiversity. The park maintains some of the world’s highest local populations of greater one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers, which is what attracted me to go there.

My work was primarily focused on monitoring tiger populations. Using elephants to transport us about safely, we set up cameras along a forest corridor for one month to monitor tiger numbers. The data collected was essential to discover whether current conservation initiatives are successful or not and our research showed that they’re working – tiger numbers are stable and on the increase.

I managed to find time to get lots more experience too. I produced displays for the local education centre to inform groups and schools about the importance of maintaining tiger habitats, supported a project focused on the welfare of domestic elephants, gave presentations to community leaders with the aid of translators, furthered my data handling skills and even helped to rehabilitate a wounded rhino calf! These skills are all important to a prospective scientist and the whole year was such a valuable experience.

It was the Alumni Fund grant that made this all possible. Without it, I simply wouldn’t have been able to fund the placement. I was able to increase my scientific knowledge, experience the wonder of a different culture and network with international organisations too. For this I would like to thank our alumni for all they have done. Thank you very much!!”

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