1. BBC Four

      Salamander: Blood Diamonds

      Box Set. Gerardi is back

      Five years on, Paul Gerardi investigates the assassination of a refugee.

      45 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 25 lá

    2. BBC One

      The Woman in White

      Box Set. A chilling ride into the depths of insanity

      Suspense, danger and love combine as secrets will out in the classic thriller.

      56 Nóim

      Ar fáil go dtí Máirt 10in

    1. BBC Two

      The Bridge

      1/8 Henrik investigates a macabre murder with a new partner

      After the head of the Danish Immigration Board is found dead, can Saga help?

      59 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 24 lá

    2. BBC Three

      Murdered for Being Different

      A shocking story of prejudice

      BAFTA-winning drama about a young couple, targeted because of the way they dressed.

      62 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 1 mí

    1. BBC Three

      Romper Stomper

      2/6 If Blood Should Stain the Wattle

      Laila represents the Muslim community on TV – but the show is less than impartial.

      55 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 5 mí

    2. BBC Two


      Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the master physicist

      The remarkable story of Stephen Hawking's early years as a PHD student at Cambridge.

      90 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 27 lá

    1. BBC Four

      The First Men in the Moon

      HG Wells' sci-fi classic

      How two men went to the moon in 1909 – and the terrifying secret they discovered.

      90 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 28 lá

    2. BBC One

      The Split

      1/6 For three sisters, business is about to get personal

      For a family of divorce lawyers, their own past is about to resurface.

      59 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 1 mí

    1. BBC Two

      Versailles: Series 1

      Box Set. Drama in the decadent reign of the Sun King

      A young Louis XIV seeks to stamp his authority, but faces resistance and betrayal.

      56 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 23 lá

    2. BBC Three

      Being Human: Series 1-5

      Box Set. Supernatural housemates


      Mitchell tries to resist his blood lust, and Annie is confronted by a ghost from her past.

      60 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 2 mí

    1. BBC One

      The Doctor Blake Mysteries

      1/8 A Lethal Combination

      Sraith Úr

      Dr Blake is back – and discovers dark secrets in the world of boxing.

      60 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 27 lá

    2. BBC Three

      High Life

      Genevieve seems to have teenage life sorted – until...

      When she experiences her first manic episode, her mental state starts to spiral.

      57 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 4 mí

    1. BBC

      Logan High

      Box Set. Love, lies and lessons – the dramas of school life

      The friendship fall-outs, family issues and general randomness of life at Logan High.

      10 Nóim

      Ar fáil: breis ’s bliain

    2. BBC Two

      The Silent Child

      The Oscar-winning story of a girl finding her voice

      Going to school is a big step for anyone – but for Libby, there’s an added complication.

      20 Nóim

      Ar fáil go ceann 12 lá