What is the parental guidance lock?

The parental guidance lock restricts access to programmes which display a guidance warning to ensure younger audiences can’t access inappropriate content. Setting up a parental guidance lock is the best way to control what your children have access to on BBC iPlayer. 

If a programme has been flagged with guidance, it will feature a clear label and a ‘G’ symbol.  

Parental guidance warning label highlighted on playback page for a programme on the BBC iPlayer website

On your mobile or tablet device, it’ll be a red bar at the top of an episode image.

BBC iPlayer app on a mobile with guidance warning highlighted above playback area

The parental guidance lock uses a four-digit PIN to control access to guidance-labelled content. When the parental guidance lock is turned on, you'll be asked to set a PIN. You'll need to enter this PIN to view guidance-labelled content.

What are guidance labels?

Guidance labels let viewers know when content may be unsuitable for younger audiences (e.g. violence, sex, drug use or strong language) or when it may be harmful to some viewers (e.g. containing flashing images). Guidance labelling is usually used for television programmes that were broadcast after the TV watershed (9pm). 

If your child has signed in to their own children's account, they'll see a different version of the BBC iPlayer homepage. This means your child will only see programmes and images that are suitable for them on the BBC iPlayer homepage.

How do I use parental guidance on my device?

Have a look at our parental guidance pages for advice on how to set up, reset, or turn off the parental guidance lock on your device: