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  1. Squirrel-chasing cat rescued from oak tree after three days

    A cat that spent three days stuck up an oak tree has been rescued by fire crews.

    Ruben’s owner, Amanda Holland, said she had tried to coax him down from the tree near her home in Kenwick Springs, Ellesmere, Shropshire, after he ran up it in pursuit of squirrels.

    After becoming concerned for his welfare, she decided to call the RSPCA, but its inspector Nayman Dunderdale was unable to reach the cat, which was up about 30 feet (9m).

    Mr Dunderdale called Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, which was able to free the animal.

    The cat rescue

    Ms Holland said: “He'd been stuck for three days and two nights in terrible weather and I really don’t think he would have lasted much longer.

    "He was in a very precarious position and was just too scared to move from the crook of the tree and come down by himself.”

    Mr Dunderdale added: “The weather in the area had been windy, cold and rainy at times, so it would have been an extremely unpleasant experience for Ruben."

    In the vast majority of cases, cats are quite capable of getting themselves down from trees, the RSPCA says, so unless there are special circumstances, it advises owners to try to coax down their pet with strong-smelling food, then phone for assistance if the cat has not come down within 24 hours.

    The reunion
  2. Wounding charge after man injured outside nightclub

    A man has been charged after a 20-year-old suffered a puncture wound to his neck outside a Burton-upon-Trent nightclub.

    High Street, Burton

    Staffordshire Police said the injured man was in a stable condition in hospital after being hurt outside The Association on High Street.

    Officers were called to the scene at 04:00 on Sunday.

    A 19-year-old man who was charged with wounding with intent was due before magistrates on Monday.