How to get BBC News on smart speakers


On Amazon Alexa:

Say "Play BBC News" to your Amazon Alexa smart speaker, and get the BBC's first ever interactive news bulletin. You can hear the latest headlines, deep-dive into the stories that interest you, or move on when you've heard enough - simply by using your voice.

The commands you need to know are:

"Alexa, next" to skip a story

"Alexa, back" to repeat a story

"Alexa, pause" and "Alexa, resume" to pick up where you left off

You can also get an in-depth take on selected stories by saying "Alexa, more from the BBC"

This will get you to the best reporting BBC News has to offer, with each item handpicked by our dedicated team of journalists. You can expect the human stories behind current events, and explainers and analysis on what's going on.

Local and National news services:

You can also access BBC local news from more than 40 stations across England, as well as the BBC's national services for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Find more information here.


Say "Alexa, play BBC News for Scotland"

Or in Gaelic "Alexa, Bulletin Radio nan Gàidheal"


Say "Alexa, play BBC News for Wales"

Or in Welsh "Alexa, Bulletin BBC Radio Cymru"

Northern Ireland

Say "Alexa, play BBC News NI"


Say "Alexa, play BBC News for [location]

E.g. "Play BBC News for Manchester"

These services are also available in Amazon Alexa "Routines". This means for example you could wake up at the same time each morning to the latest interactive news bulletin, your local news update or favourite BBC radio station. Find more information here.

On Google Assistant and Apple Siri:

If you say "Hey Google, play BBC News" to your Google Assistant or "Hey Siri, play BBC News" to your Apple device, you'll get a 2-minute BBC News briefing with no interaction involved. Due to limitations imposed by 3rd party platforms the interactive news bulletin and Local & Nations services are only available on Amazon Alexa devices.

The BBC does not charge you to access smart speaker content and offers its services without cost to all UK smart speaker platforms.