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  1. Star of Algerian music Rabah Deriassa dies at 87

    Ahmed Rouaba

    BBC News

    One of Algeria's most loved singers, Rabah Deriassa, has died at the age of 87.

    For decades, Deriassa was the pre-eminent star of Algerian music and was regarded by many as the country's top performer. He inspired generations of artists and singers, including his son, who followed in his footsteps.

    His songs about love, humanity and solidarity made him a household name in Algeria and the Arab world. Some were reproduced in several languages, including Korean.

    In a tribute, former Algerian communications minister and novelist Hamid Grine described Deriasa as "gold dust" in Algeria's musical heritage, adding that he was a man of culture and tolerance.

    His track Nejma Kotbya (The Polestar) is arguably Algeria's most popular love song of all time:

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    Video caption: Iraq ends year in political turmoil

    A political crisis continues to roil Iraq, as protesters remain on the streets despite a mounting death toll.

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    Video caption: 'Let her come and face the consequences'

    Nicole Jack's mother says her granddaughters should not be languishing in a camp in Syria.

  4. Video content

    Video caption: Islamic State mother: 'We're out of sight, out of mind'

    Nicole Jack and her three daughters are currently being held in a detention camp in Syria.

  5. Video content

    Video caption: 'I don't like how the camp is dirty'

    Nicole Jack joined the Islamic State group with her young children in 2015. Her 12-year-old daughter told the BBC about life in a Syrian detention camp.

  6. Newly discovered Egyptian coffin displayed in Dubai

    Peter Musembi

    BBC Africa

    The casket of priest Psamtik

    The coffin of an ancient Egyptian priest uncovered last year is on public display for the first time at the Dubai World Expo.

    The casket of priest Psamtik was among 27 coloured-wooden coffins that were recently discovered in Saqqara - a district south of Cairo known for its vast, ancient burial ground of pharaohs and royals.

    Nicknamed the doctor, Psamtik served as king Tutankhamun's head medic.

    Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities described the find as one of the largest and most important discoveries in recent years.

    The Dubai World Expo is the largest global gathering since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, where more than 190 countries are showcasing their culture and innovations with the hope of attracting investors.

    While Egypt has a lot of innovations and investment opportunities to display at the country’s pavilion, it is the coffin which has become the centre of attraction - with visitors waiting in long queues to catch a glimpse.

    "It is worth the wait to be able to see such a piece of history from thousands of years" one tourist said.

    Officials hope showing off newly discovered archaeological artefacts will help revive visitor numbers after the country’s tourism industry was seriously disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  7. Migrants in Libya face dire conditions - aid workers

    The Newsroom

    BBC World Service

    Aid workers in Libya say migrants are enduring dire conditions in detention following a wave of arrests by government security forces.

    The Doctors Without Borders agency said its staff had seen cells so over-crowded that men were being forced to stand. Some said they hadn't eaten for days.

    At another site the aid workers witnessed an escape attempt that was met with extreme violence.

    At least 5,000 migrants have been detained in the capital, Tripoli in recent days.

    There have been reports of beatings, sexual violence and one death.

    The authorities say the operation has targeted illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

    A RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) from the NGO Open Arms approaches a wooden boat with 38 migrants of various nationalities, the majority of whom were Libyans, on board in the Search and Rescue Zone of Malta on March 27, 2021 at sea in the Malta SAR Zone
    Image caption: Libya is the main crossing point for migrants trying to reach Europe
  8. Tunisia authorities shut down critical TV station

    The Tunisian authorities have shut a television station that's been critical of President Kais Saied's recent suspension of parliament, and his assumption of almost complete control of the country.

    State officials said the Zitouna TV channel had been broadcasting without a licence.

    Authorities have also arrested one of the channel's TV hosts after he read a popular poem on air about "dictators".

    Amer Ayed has been accused of "undermining the security of the state".

    Zitouna is one of several stations that have operated without a licence, angering media watchdogs which see them as illicit tools for political influence.

    But analysts say critics of the president may see this move against Zitouna - a broadcaster that opposes him - as an attempt to undermine freedom of the press.

  9. Tunisian journalist arrested after reading poem

    Ahmed Rouaba

    BBC News

    Tunisian authorities have arrested a journalist after he read lines from a popular poem on television by a renowned poet about "dictators in Arab countries and how they treat their people".

    Amer Ayad - who hosts a talk show on Zitouna TV - was accused along with his guest of "undermining the security of the state".

    It is thought that the authorities believed that the journalist was making an analogy with President Kaid Saied by reading the poem by Ahmed Matar.

    A friend of Amer Ayed tweeted confirming his arrest and said he will be back stronger.

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    Zitouna TV has been critical of President Saied since he suspended parliament in a move described by the opposition as "a coup and a violation of the constitution".

    The detention of Mr Ayad is the latest in a series of arrests that targeted journalists and lawmakers who had expressed their opposition to the president’s measures.