Adding things on the BBC

Page updated: 5 August 2019

Adding things is a great way to remember them for later and get straight to the content that matters to you.

Sometimes we’ll use the things you add to recommend other content we think you’ll like. And sometimes we’ll give you notifications about them, like a new episode of a programme you’ve added. If you like you can opt out of notifications.

You normally need to be signed in to add things. This is so we can remember everything you’ve added and let you access it on any device.

Adding things on the BBC

How do I add things?

You can add anything that has an Add button next to it, including:

  • TV and radio programmes
  • Audio and video clips
  • News topics (in the BBC News app only)
  • Sport topics
  • Recipes

You can add as many as you like, except in the BBC News app where you can only add up to 10 topics. Sorry about that.

How can I see or remove things I’ve added?

Different parts of the BBC have their own sections for the things you’ve added. For instance, in iPlayer they get added to the My Programmes section. In BBC Sport they get added to the My Sport section.

In each section you can access and remove things you’ve added. Just remember that removing something will mean you’ll stop getting any related notifications and recommendations.

I can’t find the things I added

Check you’re signed in. If they still don’t appear, that may mean you added them while you weren’t signed in.

How can I share the things I’ve added?

You can share things using the Share button.

Can I see what other people have added?

No, information about adding is private. There’s more info about privacy here.

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