How is the BBC personalised to me?

Page updated: 8 December 2021

In BBC iPlayer

When you’re signed in we’ll recommend programmes we think you’ll like, based on what you’ve already watched. Just look for the programmes we’ve “Recommended for you”.

We’ll also remember how much of a programme you’ve watched. So you can pick up exactly where you left off, even on another device.

In BBC Sounds

You can discover new sounds through the Recommended For You section, with on-demand listens picked just for you.

You'll also have one-tap access to the latest episodes of BBC podcasts and radio shows, and can bookmark episodes or clips to listen to later.

On the BBC Sport app

My Sport is an easy way to keep up to date with the latest news and scores for the sports and teams you love.

Choose from over 300 sporting topics to create your own My Sport page. And sign in to access it across all your devices.

You can also choose to receive notifications about Football, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League and the Latest Sport News.

On BBC News

Sometimes we’ll recommend articles based on what you’ve read before, and what other people with similar tastes are reading.

We never hide stories from you, and the top stories can be easily accessed at all times.

In Your account

You'll see your past interactions with the BBC – like programmes you've watched on iPlayer or podcasts you've listened to on Sounds – in the 'Your account' homepage.

In BBC Children's

Kids can add their favourite shows and topics. This means they’ll appear at the top of CBBC and CBeebies pages, making it easier to find them.

In BBC Bitesize

On the website, create your own learning experience by adding secondary or post-16 subjects and learner guides - which you can pick up where you left off.

In the revision app, you can add your GCSE, TGAU, National or Higher subjects to only see what’s relevant to you. Plus you can add short revision aids to your home screen so you can get back to them quickly.

Watch this space

We’re always adding new ways to make the BBC your own. So look out for them across the BBC.

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