What is a BBC account?

Page updated: 19 October 2021

It's what you get when you register with the BBC. It’s personal to you and helps you get more out of the BBC. You'll also need one to use BBC iPlayer and some of our apps.

The info you provide when registering will be stored in your account, so you can see or change it whenever you like.

Got any questions about your BBC account? Here are some places to look for the answer:

Why register for a BBC account?

It helps you get the best out of the BBC. Once you’re signed in to your account, you can…

  • Watch and listen to things on BBC online, including BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds and some live sport
  • Add programmes and content to enjoy at a later date
  • Get personalised recommendations
  • Get notifications about things that interest you
  • Comment on BBC News stories
  • Vote online for shows like Strictly Come Dancing.
  • Become a WeatherWatcher.

And that's not all...

When you’re signed in to your account, you’ll also get a more joined-up BBC experience. For example, if you pause an iPlayer programme on your phone, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on your laptop.

Find out about what your BBC account gets you.

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