What are the rules for commenting and uploading?

Page updated: 31 March 2021

We love you posting comments and uploading creations. But please don’t do anything horrible, rude or illegal.

More specifically, please don’t post or upload anything that:

  • Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive or disruptive – NB: we have a zero-tolerance approach to user-to-user personal abuse)
  • Is off topic (to the original content or the current conversation. This includes commenting for the purpose of derailing the conversation with the intention of discussing another topic)
  • Contains personal information (either your own or someone else’s)
  • Puts children at risk
  • Is illegal, or glamorises illegal activity
  • Is defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)
  • Is in contempt of court (anything that could affect the outcome of a court case)
  • Infringes anyone’s rights (including privacy rights)
  • Was made by someone else, or that copies someone else’s creation
  • Is posted for your financial gain (advertising, sponsorship etc.)
  • Isn’t in English (unless we’ve asked you to comment in another language - Welsh and Gaelic are currently not supported)
  • Contains spam (unless you’re commenting on a story about reconstituted meat)
  • Contains links to content that requires a log in, leads to a download or may otherwise be unsafe (viruses, spyware, paywalls etc.)
  • Breaks our election and referendum rules (No campaigning, no sloganeering, no polling, no encouraging others to vote a certain way and no mentions of who you voted for on election day itself)
  • Or doesn’t comply with the rest of our Terms of Use
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