Site Move

The Site Move tool, located under Diagnostics & Tools can be used to tell Bing that you have moved and permanently redirected your site (or a section of your site) to a new location. Although permanently redirecting your URLs using 301 redirects is sufficient for Bing to understand that you want the new URLs to be indexed instead of the old ones and this normally happens automatically, the Site Move tool can help expedite this process.

The Site Move tool does not replace the need for permanent redirection of your site and all pages that are moving to a new location using HTTP Status 301. In fact, we will run some tests once you submit to see if they are set up correctly.

The Site Move tool in Bing Webmaster Tools

Move to Another Site or Move Within the Same Site

Whereas some other Webmaster Tools may only allow a "Change of Address" from one root domain to another, the Bing Site Move tool supports multiple scenarios that provide site owners with more flexibility. There are two types of site moves to choose from, and you can select the one that applies to you by clicking the adjacent radio button:

  1. I am moving URLs from one place to another within the current site.

    Use this type if you want notify us of a major move of URLs within the same site. This is very helpful if you have redesigned your site architecture and are now redirecting many URLs to new locations within the same site.

  2. I am moving URLs from this site to another verified site: select destination site.

    Use this type to notify us of a move from one site to another. This mode is intended to notify us that you are moving your URLs from your current domain to another domain. You can move to any other domain that you have verified as a site in Bing Webmaster Tools. You also need sufficient permissions for the destination site inside Webmaster Tools: you need to be part of a Read/Modify role or be an Administrator. To specify the destination site click the select destination site link and pick the site from the site selector by clicking it.

Notify us of Domains, Subdomains, or Directory Moves

For even more flexibility, you can select a move scope using the corresponding drop-down menu. Let's look at the options offered here:

  • Domain

    choose this option if you are moving an entire root domain to a new address. This option is only available if you are in a verified site that represents a domain (not a sub-domain or directory) and when you have selected to move from one site to another.

    Example: you want to notify us that all URLs on are now permanently redirecting to Note that this implies all subdomains on the domain, including, etc. are now redirecting to the new location.

  • Subdomain

    Choose this option if you are moving all URLs from a specific subdomain elsewhere.

    Example: all pages under are now moving and permanently redirecting to Special case: you should also use this option if you are moving all URLs from for example to

  • Directory

    Choose Directory if you are moving all URLs in a directory (folder).

    Example: you want us to notify of the fact that all URLs under are now permanently redirecting to

Submitting the Notification to Bing

After selecting the scope, enter the source and destination URLs in the corresponding input boxes and click Submit. You will be able to review your settings. Review them carefully before clicking Submit since you will not be able to edit them later.

Once you click Submit, we will run some checks to see if the right (permanent) redirects are in place and if we can resolve URLs at the new locations. Once these checks complete successfully we will add the move notification to the table for future reference and will let our crawlers know about the move.


The Site Move tool is meant to notify us of major moves. There is not need to inform us about small changes to your site, simply having permanent redirects in place should be fine. Also, once you move a domain, subdomain, or folder to a new location, you will not be able to notify of another move for either locations for at least 180 days.

When you notify us of a Site Move, we will schedule our crawlers to come your way. However, there are many factors such as crawl politeness constraints, number of pages affected that determine how and when this will happen. Although you should plan to see additional crawl activity from Bingbot on your site, we cannot guarantee a time that the Site Move notification will be reflected in our index.

How Long Should I Keep my 301-Redirects in Place?

The Site Move tool doesn't replace the need for redirects from the old location to the new location, so before notifying us of a site move, you should make sure that the permanent redirects are set up correctly. That said, over time, the redirects will become obsolete as the new locations start to gain traction (in the form of links, clicks), but since this transition will take time, you should plan to keep the redirects in place for at least several months.