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Back when we were starting off with anabolic steroids after 6-years of lifting natty, we were told to stick to a few compounds by our coach and to avoid a few others like the plague.

Among the most recommended ones were testosterone, Dianabol, Anavar and Deca Durabolin.

The ones that were to be avoided at all costs were Winstrol, NPP, Masteron and Anadrol.

We didn’t really understand the logic behind the trashing of these compounds. But we were young and we had never done steroids.

So we knew better than to question the knowledge and experience of our coach who claimed to have been trained by Dr. Ziegler himself. (Bah! Humbug!)

After three years of sticking to the four compounds, we were ready to spread our wings in the world of steroids. And the first compound that we used was Anadrol.

That’s because we were finding Dianabol a little too hot to handle at 150mg/day. The next best bulking drug that even came close was Anadrol.

The first cycle with Anadrol and Testosterone completely changed our perception about the compound. It was nothing like what we were made to believe.

Since then, we’ve done numerous cycles with Anadrol at extremely high doses with great results and very minimal side effects.

If you have never used Anadrol because of what you’ve read or heard about the compound, then here are 7 reasons to add it to your next bulking stack.

#1 – It blows you up

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If you thought that Dianabol was the only compound that could make you very big, very fast, then you were clearly mistaken.

Anadrol is as good as the Big D at helping you pack on muscle mass in very little time.

To give you some perspective, we were able to gain 25 lbs. on our first Anadrol, Test and Deca cycle.

Guess our Anadrol dosage? 50mg/day.

That’s correct. At even relatively small doses, Anadrol can blow you up as effectively as Dianabol does.

However, there’s a difference in the quality of gains that you make on these compounds.

#2 – Rock hard muscles

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Our only gripe with Dianabol is that it turns our body into a sponge. We gain a lot of water on it even when while using an AI and a SERM to minimize the effect.

But we’ve noticed that this is a consistent problem that most people have with Dianabol. Controlling the bloat is very difficult.

Anadrol on the other hand makes us huge without the water retention. The muscles look full and hard instead of full and soft.

If we were to compare the look with bodies of celebs, Dianabol would make us look like Bolo Yeung from the Kickboxer movie while Anadrol would make us look like Van Damme instead.

We know that it’s a crappy example. But couldn’t think of anything else atm.

#3 – Vascularity and Pumps


Get ready for the most ridiculous pumps of your life, especially around your arms, abs and lats.

These will look ‘swole’ 24/7. If you are at a low body fat and your abdominal muscles are visible, then those will pop out.

However, for some people, these pumps can be counterproductive to their workouts. For example, if your forearms get painful pumps, then you wouldn’t be able to go for more than 5-6 reps.

Taurine and potassium supplementation is touted to help a tad. But we wouldn’t be able to vouch for it because we’ve never used it.

#4 – Effective even at low doses


Like we mentioned briefly, we started with just 50mg/day of Anadrol and increased it to 250mg/day in subsequent cycles.

We noticed that the compound is most effective at 75-100mg/day beyond which it becomes slightly more difficult to control blood pressure and headaches.

So, even if you are starting with just 50mg/day, you are going to get great results with very minimal side effects.

In fact, Anadrol has been administered in therapeutic applications for the treatment of anemia at 200mg/day.

#5 – Can be used for more than 6-8 weeks

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You may read on messaging boards and on websites that Anadrol cannot be used for more than 6-weeks because it is extremely liver toxic.

Here’s a clinical study where it was used at 5mg/kg of bodyweight for men for 30-weeks.


If you are an adult who weighs 80 kgs, that’s 400mg/day for 30-weeks straight.

Guess what? The side effects were mild and reversible. None of them died.

We aren’t recommending that you use 5mg/kg/day, mind you. You will end up severely bloated and with muscle cramps and gyno.

Instead, you can very well use it for 8-12 weeks if you stick to a low dosage, like 50mg/day.

Just stay off alcohol and add TUDCA to your cycle.

This makes it a very effective off-season bulking compound for bodybuilders.

#6 – Incredible strength gains

If we were to rate anabolic steroids based on their ability to increase strength, then it would be in the following order.

  1. Anadrol/Dianabol
  2. Winstrol
  3. Trenbolone

Anadrol is one of our favorite compounds for strength gains. It allows us to add 20-30 lbs. at least to all our compound lifts, which we believe is incredible for the time duration that we typically use it for.

If you are looking for a nice boost to your lifts, add Anadrol to the cycle and you will get great results.

#7 – Can be used very effectively for a cut

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Most of the talk surrounding Anadrol is about its effectiveness as a bulking compound. Very few people know that it can be used very effectively in a cut as well.

That’s because at doses beyond 75mg/day, it tends to trash your appetite, which can be very beneficial in a cut.

At the same time, it keeps you looking full and pumped even when you drop carbs from your meals.

This can be counterproductive though if you are looking to eat in a surplus and gain as much as you can from the cycle.

Closing thoughts

If you haven’t tried Anadrol because of its reputation, then put the skepticism aside and give it a shot. We are sure that you will make some good gains from the cycle.

It might very well become your go-to bulking compound instead of Dianabol.

Anadrol Review
  • Strength gains
  • Cutting
  • Vascularity and Pumps
  • Rock hard muscles

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