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Professional bodybuilding can largely be divided into the pre-Trenbolone era and the post-Trenbolone era.

If you were to look at the bodies in these two eras, there’s a marked difference in the amount of mass that the pros have managed to pack on.

Look at Ronnie Coleman at his prime or Kai Greene more recently or Chul Soon, these guys have redefined the boundaries of what was achievable, even with anabolic steroids.

Some of them can make Big Lou Ferigno seem like a rank amateur. And Big Lou is one of the biggest guys to have set foot on the Mr. Olympia stage.

With all due respect to the kind of brutal training and dietary regimen that they follow day in and day out, some part of it is also due to steroids like Trenbolone.

For the uninitiated, Trenbolone has earned the crown of being the strongest Anabolic steroid in the world.

And that is no mean feat my friends.

If you have been lurking in the natty boundaries wanting to jump over to the other side, then you have definitely heard of tren.

If you have just hopped on to TRT, then you are probably yearning for a Tren blast now.

What is it about Tren that makes it so potent?

Here are 10 reasons.

#1 – An Anabolic rating of 500

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Picture a lifetime natty athlete who’s recently completed his first LGD-4033 cycle. He’s completely blown away by the results. ‘Boy, this shit is strong’, he says.

Three months later, he does a Testosterone steroid cycle and plain Test at just 400mg/week blows away everything that he achieved with LGD. ‘Man, this stuff is insane’, he says.

Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100.

Then comes Trenbolone with an anabolic rating of 500. It’s five times more anabolic than Testosterone.

It will change your perception of performance enhancement forever. Incredibly strong compound.

#2 – Trenbolone doubles your level of IGF-1

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Every anabolic steroid increases the level of IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1) in the body. Only, some compounds do it more effectively than the rest.

Trenbolone more than doubles the levels of IGF-1 and it is the only compound that does it.

There are a lot of benefits of more IGF-1. But the most important thing in terms of performance enhancement is that it amplifies the growth of muscles.

Trenbolone takes it one notch ahead. It enhances the sensitivity of the satellite cells in muscle tissue to the increased IGF-1, which makes it easier for these cells to repair broken down muscle.

To sum it up, your body has more IGF-1 and your cells are now primed to repair broken down muscle cells at a faster rate.

#3 – It packs on lean, dry muscle

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If you have done a testosterone cycle before, then you’d have noticed how your body tends to hold on to a lot of water. You have to be diligent with keeping your estrogen levels in check to prevent the bloat.

With Trenbolone, there will be no water retention at all. It will pack on lean, dry, muscle mass that looks incredibly aesthetic. You do not have to pop AI pills to dial down the Estrogen levels either.

You’ll still need to take Cabergoline to prevent gyno. But that’s about it.

No Masteron or Winstrol needed for the final polish. You will be ripped and vascular.

#4 – You get stronger and meaner

trenbolone side effects - roid rage

There are so many positives of Trenbolone that the strength gains of the compound are rarely spoken about. But Tren will make your lifts easier in just a couple of weeks.

By week 4 of the cycle, you will have cruised through all your previous bests.

Along with the strength comes the aggression.

If you have used Anadrol, you’d have gotten a taste of the famed ‘Roid Rage’. That’s just 10% of what Trenbolone can do.

Even the calmest individuals find themselves flying off the handle every now and then with Tren.

Some users have also reported feelings of paranoia and hallucinations. The mind effects are pretty serious.

#5 – Nitrogen retention increases

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Trenbolone greatly increases the nitrogen retention in the muscles, which is the hallmark of a strong mass building compound.

Some of the best mass builders like Dianabol and Anadrol amplify nitrogen retention significantly.

Tren does it better than those compounds, if not equally well.

#6 – Suppresses Glucocorticoid hormones

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At the same time, it also suppresses glucocorticoid hormones like Cortisol which are catabolic in nature.

So, if you add Tren to a cutting cycle, you continue to build lean muscle, not just preserve the existing muscle. Because it is suppressing Cortisol, it is allowing your body to be in an anabolic state continually.

#7 – It improves feed efficiency

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Trenbolone was originally used to improve feed efficiency in cattle. This means that it improves the nutritional efficiency of every molecule of food that you consume.

Every gram of protein is utilized for building muscle. Every gram of carbohydrate is utilized as energy to fuel your workouts.

You will gain mass even if you make no modifications to your existing diet. Eat in a surplus and you can make amazing gains.

#8 – It burns fat

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Trenbolone also has an androgenic rating of 500. This means that it displays an extremely strong affinity to bind to androgen receptors. In fact, it is such a strong androgen that it aids in lipolysis or fat burn.

There are many steroids that make your muscles look harder and more vascular which gives you the impression of fat loss.

But Trenbolone actually burns fat.

On the flipside, the androgenic side effects of the drug can be severe if you are prone to it.

If you are prone to premature balding for example, this will massacre your hair. If you aren’t, then you will actually notice increased hair growth on your body.  

#9 – It boosts recovery

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Trenbolone speeds up the replenishment of glycogen in muscle tissue which amplifies the rate at which your body recovers after a workout.

Even after the most gruesome workout session, you will still be primed the next day to lift at your best.

#10 – It does not aromatize

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One of the most desirable traits of the compound is that it does not aromatize into Estrogen.

So you do not have to worry about gynecomastia and other estrogenic side effects. It does have a strong progestin nature. But that can be countered by using caber.

Closing thoughts

We have just touched briefly on the side effects of Trenbolone. The actual sides can be much worse.  

So, if you are planning to use Trenbolone, be informed about the side effects and how to minimize them

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