About CDC 24-7

CDC employees engaged in support of the STEM program

Public Health is about your health and the health of your communities. CDC has a variety of public health STEM activities for students from elementary school through high school. Whatever your passion is, there are activities and resources that fit everyone.

CDC Museum global health odyssey exhibit

Check out the David J. Sencer CDC Museum online! There are new online exhibits and STEM programs/resources. The museum uses award-winning exhibits and innovative programing to educate visitors about the value of public health, and presents CDC’s the rich heritage and vast accomplishments.


Since launching an agency-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic on January 21, 2020, CDC has been preparing healthcare workers, learning more about how the disease spreads, and supporting state, local, tribal and territorial governments on the front lines of public health.

cdc headquarters building

CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services. View CDC’s Official Mission Statements/Organizational Charts to learn more about CDC′s organizational structure.

I Am CDC - Meet the Staff

My team and I are responsible for making sure that CDC is prepared for the next emergency. We allocate resources appropriately across the agency. We make sure that we have the people in place, the knowledge at hand, and the technology to respond to public health emergencies.

CDC Works for You 24-7

CDC is the nation’s health protection agency, working 24/7 to protect America from health and safety threats, both foreign and domestic. CDC increases the health security of our nation.

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