Balance Your Life : Create and Recreate !
Official site of Comenius project

Official site of Comenius project

It’s a COMENIUS project with a school from Germany, Denmark and a school from France concerning creation and recreation in life. Detailed description: To balance school, friendships, family and hobbies a lot of discipline and the right attitude is needed. A well-balanced lifestyle is the goal. In today’s society it is a challenge for many people to achieve this balance. To create a basis for inner and outer balance a mind-and value-oriented lifestyle, health, the social environment and work in school should be in line. A self-determined balance of life can be a sustainable source for energy and success. If one reads it again and changes the word “school” to “job” or “profession” one will identify the meaning of this project for the future of the students. It is a challenge for each individual and for the whole system of school to keep this balance. With our project we want to focus on finding and keeping this balance.

Because of that exercises for stress relaxation are as important as sporting activities.Together we want to learn about and do well-known and completely new kinds of sports. We prefer those sports where a balance between activity and rest plays an important role.More and more students, teachers and parents feel overstrained and drained. We want to work on that phenomenon, search for explanations and together with the students we want to think about how one can arrange its power better. Together we want to find and explore possibilities to create islands of peace and rest for the individual and to recharge the batteries.Surveys will give us an overview to the distribution of stress and relief in the student’s life. These will be done and evaluated by students of all participating partners. Thus, a good basis for the presentations, discussions and workshops that will take place when the partners meet is given. The findings will be documented amongst others in the school magazines and on the project website.
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