Enhance your site with CloudFlare Apps

CloudFlare makes installing web apps fast, safe and one-click simple. Prior to CloudFlare Apps, installing these web applications required a website owner to change their code and, potentially, decrease performance and increase security risks. CloudFlare Apps brings the web's leading apps into a single marketplace where they can be installed on any site with only a few clicks of a mouse.

    • analytics
    • advertising
    • webmaster
    • testing
    • affiliate links
    • support
    • malware scan
    • contextual search
    • translation
    • library
    • website backup
    • policy management

Apture Highlights

Retain your readers by giving them the power to search and explore rich content from the web without even leaving the page.


Blitz is a self service load and performance testing platform.

Browser Blaster

With one click, your visitors can enjoy the low-tech fun of blasting away at elements of your site.

CDNJS Selections

CDNJS is an open source, peer reviewed script repository hosted on a global CDN to speed up the web as a whole. CDNJS Selections are scripts focused on "upgrading" legacy browsers to support the features of newer browsers.

Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky is a real time analytics service; no waiting until tomorrow to see your current traffic!


CodeGuard is a time machine for your web site. We backup, update your backup when your site changes, and then give you the ability to rollback to a prior version. Basic Plus plan (1 site, up to 1GB) is free.


Secure your web, hosted, cloud, or virtual private servers today with Dome9, the world's first hosted and cloud server security management-as-a-service. (Not available for shared hosting environments.)


ExceptionHub tracks all JavaScript errors that happen on your site and provides clean stack traces to help you debug them.


Favris turns your favicon into a small tribute to the world's favorite block game.

GlobalSign HackAlert

GlobalSign HackAlert is a cloud based website malware detection and monitoring solution.

Google Analytics

CloudFlare can ensure Google Analytics is installed on all your pages (even error pages).

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools. Get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic. Receive notifications about problems on your site.


Haileo contextually matches advertising to your site's image and video inventory.


Monitis is the easiest way to monitor the uptime and performance of your websites, servers and applications.


Pingdom monitors the uptime and performance of your website and alerts you if it goes down. This free account supports only one check (one domain). You may choose to upgrade for additional checks.


Select a word or sentence and click the Pronounce icon that pops-up to hear how the selected text is pronounced.


Smartling is the premier translation management system that makes it painless to translate your website, web application, or mobile app into multiple languages.

Free Plan: up to 5,000 pageviews/month on up to 3 language sites
Silver Plan ($99): up to 20,000 pageviews/month on up to 5 language sites
(Your original site pageviews don't count toward these totals.)


Live Chat for your website. Turn your website visitors into customers.


StopTheHacker.com provides a comprehensive suite of website health-care services to safeguard your website and your online reputation.


UserVoice is a complete solution for managing customer feedback and support.


VigLink helps you earn money from your site's outbound links automatically and unintrusively.