Hosting Provider Partners

CloudFlare works regardless of what hosting provider a website is running on. However, some hosting providers have taken the extra steps to make sure their clients get the most out of CloudFlare. Hosting providers that meet CloudFlare's specifications are listed below and, in some cases, receive access to the CloudFlare hosting provider API.

HostGator is our initial hosting provider partner. Below is their experience working with CloudFlare.

In the past month as we have been using cloudflare's system to address some of the knottiest problems webhosts face:

  • Customers with custom insecure scripts that they don't have the developer time to patch.
  • Customers who sites are becoming more popular and overloading the server.
  • International customers that need CDN performance but can't afford current CDN pricing.

Cloudflare's system addresses them better then any other solution we are aware of. Our customers love the increased protection, increased speed, and clever features. At Hostgator we believe that every customer small or large deserves quality hosting. Cloudflare helps to extend some of the techniques that the largest websites employ to small sites as well. Every webmaster deserves first-class website performance, we are thrilled to be able offer Cloudflare to our customers so we can deliver this to our clients.

Nate Custer
Support Manager & Level3 Admin

Going forward, hosting providers that are certified to meet CloudFlare's specifications will be listed above and, in some cases, receive access to the CloudFlare hosting provider API. Becoming a hosting provider partner is a two step process:

  1. Install mod_cloudflare, or an equivalent, as an option on your Apache-based leased servers. This Apache module ensures your users get the most out of CloudFlare. We can provide alternatives for Windows IIS or versions of Apache with which mod_cloudflare is not compatible.
  2. Contact us with your request. Please include a primary contact person, an email address, a telephone number as well as information about your company, the number of sites for which you provide hosting, and a profile of your typical customer.