Cloudflare for Media and Entertainment

Deliver broadcast quality video securely in the cloud

Cloudflare helps media and entertainment companies deliver high-quality video content to their subscribers anywhere in the world. Cloudflare's network is built for scale, and optimized to support on-demand and live video delivery so your subscribers will always have a stellar viewing experience.

Cloudflare has made our platforms much more stable, which has been a huge value for us...the combination of attack mitigation and CDN is what makes it so powerful.
Wouter van Vliet
Project Developer

Benefits of Cloudflare


Cloudflare is able to withstand many of the world’s largest DDoS attacks. OTT providers can be assured that their subscribers will always be able to access their content with no interruptions.

Global Reach

The Cloudflare network spans over 180 data centers in 75 countries. Your subscribers anywhere in the world will be able to access your content with the highest quality.


Cloudflare's network is encrypted by default, and provides industry-leading security to protect your video streams from being compromised, or unauthorized accessed.

Reduce Costs

Cloudflare reduces video and media delivery costs by caching content on its network. Cloudflare is the founding member of the Bandwidth Alliance and is able to further lower data egress costs from your hosting provider.

The Cloudflare Solution

Cloudflare offers a fast, global network that delivers industry-leading price performance for video delivery. Built to withstand many of the world’s largest DDoS attacks, we stay online so your subscribers will always have uninterrupted access to your streamed content. Cloudflare's solution extends beyond basic video delivery, empowering developers with advanced serverless functions to customize video delivery for the highest fidelity and lowest latency by.

MRK-8731 CloudflareForOTT The Cloudflare Solution - Diagram

The continual release of new features which reduce our overall infrastructure, improve the end user experience, and mitigate attacks means that Cloudflare continually exceeds our expectations.
Michael Kennedy
Technology Infrastructure Manager

High performance video delivery

Stream Delivery helps OTT providers and media companies deliver fast, globally distributed live and on-demand video content. Cloudflare's network is optimized for delivering live video content with Concurrent Streaming Acceleration.

Intelligent video routing

Cloudflare maintains a global private backbone that lets it route your video content on the least congested, fastest path to your viewers. Argo uses real-time data analysis to identify the least congested network paths to route your content ensuring fast video playback.

Save on bandwidth and egress costs

Many storage providers will charge a premium for bandwidth consumed to serve videos to your content delivery provider. Cloudflare is the founder of the Bandwidth Alliance that lets you either lower or eliminate data egress costs to a Cloudflare data center.

Build advanced serverless functions

Cloudflare Workers lets you customize media delivery by building custom serverless functions that can be deployed anywhere in the world. Workers lets you build geo specific routing for video content that needs to be served from in region storage repositories.

Secure encrypted network

Cloudflare's network is secure by default with SSL/TLS encryption. With real time scrubbing at every data center to ensure reliable uptime and able to withstand large attacks. Spectrum provides reliable and secure ingest for live feeds to your RTMP servers.

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