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Cloudflare Developer Fund

Cloudflare and world class investment firms invest $100 Million to deliver powerful tools for the Internet. The Cloudflare Developer Fund is looking for companies that are building apps on Cloudflare’s platform.

Cloudflare Workers

Extend Cloudflare by Writing Code

Cloudflare Workers let developers run JavaScript Service Workers in Cloudflare's 118 data centers around the world. Using a Service Worker, developers can modify a site's HTTP requests and responses, make parallel requests, or generate responses from the edge. Since Cloudflare Workers run in Cloudflare’s data centers, not in the user’s browser, they can include sensitive business logic and will work with any browser or API client.

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A Global Network

Cloudflare Workers run on Cloudflare’s network of 118 data centers and integrate with Cloudflare’s 10 Tbps of DDoS mitigation capacity and the security insights derived from 6 million protected Internet properties worldwide.

Control Panel

Flexible Configuration

Easily apply Cloudflare Workers to any domain, subdomain or route. Full control over requests and responses is provided via a simple easy to use API.

Secure Lock

Integrated Performance and Security

Cloudflare Workers expand on Cloudflare’s integrated traffic acceleration and low-latency security services with custom security checks and performance improvements for any situation.

Extending Cloudflare

Developers can use Cloudflare Workers to extend Cloudflare’s functionality any way they see fit. Some possibilities of what can be built on the edge with Cloudflare Workers:

improved performance diagram
  • Use custom logic to decide which requests are cacheable and improve cache hit rate.
  • Expand HTML templates to fetch only dynamic content from the origin.
  • Dynamically respond to requests without contacting the origin server.
  • Generate parallel requests to different services and combine the responses.
enhanced security diagram
  • Create custom security rules and filters to block unwanted visitors and bots.
  • Implement custom authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Perform data sanitization and validation before sending it to the origin.
enhanced security diagram
enhanced security diagram
  • Respond dynamically when the origin server is unreachable.
  • Implement custom load balancing and failover logic.
  • Deploy fast fixes to a site in seconds, without having to update the origin server.