Reprint/Repost Policy

ConnectSafely is pleased that you are interested in reprinting or reposting our content. We do, however, ask that you send us an email to request permission. We generally do approve requests for non-profit groups, schools, educational programs, journalists and book authors, and we are happy to review requests from anyone. Please specify exactly which articles you wish to use and whether they are for print, online use or both. If print, please tell us the quantity and how they will be distributed. If online, please give us the URL.

We’d appreciate it if you’d take the following steps:

* When available, please use our PDFs for printing purposes. You can find them here.

* Include “from” as part of the title as is done on our PDFs.

* Be sure to put our copyright notice at the bottom.

* If you use the materials online, include a link back to the original article AND a clearly visible link to our main site: Also, please send us an email with a link to the tips on your site.

Thank you,

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