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Privacy at Epsilon


Epsilon, formerly also known as Conversant, is an advertising company. We are part of the Publicis Groupe, headquartered in France, but with operations around the world. Our advertising services help businesses find consumers and keep the internet free. The below Privacy Policies described how we process personal data as part of our operations in the EU and the United Kingdom.

  • Please visit our Services Privacy Policy if you want to learn more about the personal data we collect and use when providing our digital advertising services to our clients. It includes information about what type of personal data we process to provide consumers with personalised advertising and better digital browsing experience. This is also the policy to visit if you clicked on a link in a consent interface (CMP) and want to learn more.
  • Please visit our Website & Business-to-Business Privacy Policy if you want to learn more about the personal data we collect from our website and how we process personal data about our business-to-business contacts.