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New Normal after the COVID-19 era

Daijob Career Fair ONLINE

Daijob Career Fair ONLINE is a career event where candidates highly skilled in international communication can connect online - from Japan or from overseas - and explore their career options. Career seminars, real-time Q&A sessions and interviews can be all held online. As there is no physical venue, candidates can join the event from anywhere, allowing those who live outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area to freely participate as well. The videos are archived for one week after the event, allowing you to also reach those who were not able to participate on the day of the event. Daijob Career Fair ONLINE is an ideal option for recruitment in the new era of COVID-19, allowing you to reach a broad audience at a low cost and with minimal necessary preparation.

Document and Price list

Easy and simple preparation

You don't need to prepare any booth decorations or flyers as you would for a traditional career fair. The only thing to confirm in advance are your video stream settings. On the day of the event, you can either stream live from a prepared venue or from your own company office!

Ideal for hiring bilingual mid-career talent

Most of the event participants are bilingual job seekers from Japan and abroad, making this event the ideal place for recruitment of candidates with a global mindset.
(About 76% are professionals in their 20's to 40's, and about 24% are students)

Japanese-English bilinguals

Japanese-English bilinguals(Japanese native speaker) Japanese-English bilinguals(English native speaker Japanese-English bilinguals(Other language native speaker) Monolingual

Young / Mid-careers

Less than JPY 3.00M JPY 3.00M ~ JPY 4.49M JPY 4.50M ~ JPY 5.99M JPY 6.00M ~ JPY 7.99M JPY 8.00M ~ JPY 9.99M More than JPY 10.00M

* From the results of Daijob Career Fair Online on 2021/1/15

New encounters: Meeting more job seekers

As there is no physical venue, candidates can freely participate from anywhere - within or outside of Japan. This makes it a great opportunity to meet candidates who are not able to participate in traditional career fairs.

Current place of residence of registered participants

Japan_Tokyo area Japan_Non-Tokyo area Overseas

* 2020/2/14 Daijob Career Fair (Offline) and
From the results of Daijob Career Fair Online on 2021/1/15

Reach a broad audience: live stream + video archive

Those who missed your live video stream on the day of the event, can watch the archived video. The video will be archived for one week after the event. This allows you to reach as many candidates as possible even when if their schedules did not match the live stream time.

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