“Extraction 2” Ditches Australia For Europe

Extraction 2 Ditches Australia For Europe

Netflix’s “Extraction” sequel is ditching Chris Hemsworth’s homeland of Australia to shoot on the other side of the world in the Czech Republic.

Crew who had already begun preparations in the state of New South Wales, Australia but were informed on Friday by Netflix and production company AGBO about the shift to the city of Prague.

Variety reports that Hemsworth’s tight schedule and the growing uncertainties associated with shooting in Australia due to COVID-19 and shutdown concerns make relocation a safe choice.

This is not an unusual situation for “Extraction” as the first film was originally to be shot in Australia and India, but ended up mostly shifting to Thailand instead.

Australia was one of the world’s busiest destinations for filming in mid-late 2020 and early 2021 as a robust coronavirus response held the virus mostly at bay and generous production incentives lured multiple major productions.

Hemsworth himself shot Netflix’s “Escape From Spiderhead” and Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Australia over that time. Things have changed in recent months however as the Delta variant has established a firm foothold while logistically complicated lockdowns and limited vaccine supplies saw a slow start to the rollout.

As of today only around 35% or so of over 16s are fully vaccinated, but the speed at which vaccines are now being taken up has increased exponentially – so much so it is estimated as much as 80% of over 16s across the country will be fully vaccinated by as early as late October/early November.

Until that time however, the country’s production hubs face issues that are proving troublesome for large film crews. Hemsworth is scheduled to be back in Australia by November or December to start pre-production of George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” prequel “Furiosa”.

Joe Russo penned the “Extraction” sequel and produces with Anthony Russo.