“God of War” On PC Draws Raves & Sales

God Of War On Pc Draws Raves Sales
Sony Interactive Ent.

Over three years after it was released as a PlayStation exclusive, Santa Monica Studios’ “God of War” reboot finally comes to the PC today and so far it has been a smash hit. At the time of writing, the title is the current top-selling game worldwide on Steam.

This marks the most recent PC port of a PlayStation exclusive title following the likes of “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “Days Gone,” “Death Stranding,” and the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”. While some of those ports had problems at launch, notably ‘Horizon’ and FF7, that’s not the case here.

Reviews have highly praised the quality of this port, suggesting there are no issues. Comparison videos with the game in back-compat mode on PS5 show the game remains entirely intact and offers some improvements on the PS5 version including proper 4K, ultra-widescreen support, DLSS, Nvidia Reflex, and frame rates above 60 on the most high-end of hardware. Visually the main difference can be seen in slightly more detail, better shadows and higher frame rates.

The game’s PC Metacritic score stands at 93/100, on par with the PC scores for the likes of “Hades,” “Half-Life Alyx” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”. It’s also just one shy of the 94 the game scored on PS4 and it’s almost certainly guaranteed to be in the Top 5 best PC games of 2022 come year’s end.

Talking with Game Informer, Santa Monica’s creative director Cory Barlog was asked about Sony’s recent push into PC and he explained that multiple developers were the ones responsible for pushing Sony to tap that market:

“I think it was the collective of studios all over saying this is a really good idea. We should be looking into this. Eventually, I think it reached that tipping point. When we had sent so many suggestion box suggestions that they were like, ‘I’m tired of hearing all this. Fine, we’ll do this.’ It’s a process. We’re still figuring it out as a company and as individual studios how to do this and what the process and strategy will be.”

Of course, the port comes ahead of the release of the sequel “God of War: Ragnarok” on PS4 and PS5 later in the year. Could the strong Steam sales help the PC port of ‘Ragnarok’ come out faster? Barlog suggests it’s unlikely:

“I have no idea. Right now, we’re taking it one game at a time, kind of looking at each one and determining, ‘Okay, is this the best thing?’ And we’ll gauge how it does. Do people enjoy it? Did we do it right? Is there anything we did wrong? What can we do better in the future if we do this again? But at the end of the day, ultimately, it’s Sony’s decision.”

Sales numbers for “Horizon: Zero Dawn” show that while the PC port was a success, offering a 250% return on investment, the game’s PC sales are only a fraction of the ten million units sold on console. The success of “God of War” on PC four years later further suggests Sony’s strategy of waiting a few years for sales of a game on console to die down before releasing on PC is an approach that works.

The next PlayStation to PC port comes in two weeks time with both “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” and “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” making the jump.