Henwick’s Choice: “Shang-Chi” or “Matrix”

Henwicks Choice Shang Chi Or Matrix
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While Marvel Studios’ “Iron Fist” is considered one of the worst screen adaptations of a Marvel property to date, it also boasted one of the MCU’s shining lights with a star-making turn by Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing – a role she reprised in “The Defenders” and “Luke Cage”.

Hollywood has been catching on as well with Henwick snagging three studio features last year (“Underwater,” “On the Rocks” and “Love and Monsters”) and has two high-profile Netflix films due next year with the Russo Brothers’ “The Gray Man” and Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out 2”.

She’s also about to break big in “The Matrix Resurrections” as ‘Bugs’, the blue-haired and blue-tinted sunglasses-wearing character who in the film’s trailer pulls off a lot of air flips and physics-defying action.

Now, speaking with EW, Henwick has revealed that in order to get that role she was given an ultimatum by Disney and Warner Bros. Pictures – she could audition for either the role she landed in “The Matrix Resurrections” or as a new Marvel character in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” but she couldn’t do both and neither role was guaranteed.

The actress says it “was a red-pill/blue-pill moment for me” and ultimately she decided to go for ‘Matrix’. In doing so she joins a shortlist of people who’ve turned down an offer from Marvel Studios.

“The Matrix Resurrections” opens in cinemas and on HBO Max on December 22nd.