John Waters Unveils His 2021 Top Ten

John Waters Unveils His 2021 Top Ten
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One of the most consistently interesting Best Films of the Year lists hails from celebrated director John Waters.

Waters cares not about politics or popularity, and every year offers a genuinely individual and often quirky list of fascinating features he considers the year’s best.

Posted to Artforum, his best of the year was the Sparks-penned musical that is Leos Carax’s “Annette” which he dubs “insane, over-the-top, and thankfully self-indulgent”. A surprise inclusion is “Human Centipede” creator Tom Six’s unreleased “The Onania Club”.

There are some others in the list you might recognise from the new films by Sean Baker and Joel Coen, to others you probably won’t. The ten are as follows:

“Annette” (Leos Carax)
“Summer of Soul” (Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson)
“Vortex” (Gaspar Noe)
“France” (Bruno Dumont)
“The Most Beautiful Boy in the World” (Kristina Lindstrom, Kristian Petri)
“Mandibles” (Quentin Dupieux)
“Red Rocket” (Sean Baker)
“The Tragedy Of Macbeth” (Joel Coen)
“Saint-Narcisse” (Bruce LaBruce)
“The Onania Club” (Tom Six)