Making Of “Last Tango” Series Planned

Making Of Last Tango Series Planned
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“Entourage” and “Boston Public” writers Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn are spearheading a currently untitled series about the tumultuous events surrounding the making of Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1972 erotic drama feature “Last Tango In Paris”.

Lisa Bruhlmann (“Killing Eve”) and Jose Padilha (“Narcos”) will co-direct the series which is set in Italy, France and the U.S. and spans an eighteen-month period before, during and after the production of the film.

The series is centered around the three key people in events – Bertolucci and actors Marlon Brandon and Maria Schneider. In 1971, Bertolucci convinced Brando to play the male lead in his new film – a graphic account of sexual obsession, emotional breakdown and murder.

The filmmaker used ruthless tactics to capture real emotions and in turn resulted in controversy with Brando and Bertolucci profiting immensely both monetarily and with awards while the exploited Schneider merely got a few thousand dollars for her role which led down a path of addiction and mental illness.

CBS Studios and Stampede Ventures are backing the project which aims to give Maria Schneider a voice in a scandal mostly ignored at the time but now seen as one of Hollywood’s biggest.

Source: Variety