“Matrix Resurrections” NFT Issues & TV Spot

Matrix Resurrections Nft Issues Tv Spots
Warner Bros. PIctures

Nifty’s, a nonfungible tokens (NFT) marketplace, held a sale for digital collectibles tied to Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming “The Matrix Resurrections” film on Tuesday and things went a little awry.

Variety reports that within an hour of the sale opening on the site, Nifty’s halted the purchase queue briefly, restarted, then paused it again overnight after demand swamped their systems. As of a few hours ago, more than 330,000 users were waiting in the queue for a chance to buy ‘Matrix’ NFTs.

The sale is offering 100,000 unique NFTs of ‘Matrix’-inspired avatars, all available for $50 each, on the site in an effort to promote “The Matrix Resurrections” release on December 22nd.

The sale talk comes as EW has done a lengthy cover story on the film which goes into much more detail about the storyline, overarching themes of the film and more. For those who don’t mind being a little spoiled, click here to read that piece.

Finally, there’s a new and very slickly edited TV spot released by Warners which shows off various shots and characters from the previous films mixed with shots from the new one.