“Money Heist” Berlin Spin-Off Planned

Money Heist Berlin Spin Off Planned

Ahead of the final episodes of Netflix’s Spanish-language smash hit “Money Heist” hitting the service on Friday, it has been confirmed that a spin-off is in the works.

The show’s core cast members reunited for a massive live question and answer session in Madrid and actor Pedro Alonso announced that a new series on the way that will explain the origin story of his fan-favourite character of Berlin (aka. Andres de Fonollosa).

The character began the series as a cruel, misogynistic, deplorable, charismatic white-collar jewel thief and psychopath who lived in the moment and appeared regularly throughout the first three ‘parts’ of the series. The spin-off is scheduled to arrive on the platform in 2023.

News of the spin-off comes as it was also announced that “Squid Game” actor Park Hae-soo will play the role of Berlin in the previously announced Korean adaptation of “Money Heist”.

The last five episodes of “Money Heist” arrive on Netflix on December 3rd.

Source: Variety