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Fourth Crysis Game Is In The Works

Fourth “Crysis” Game Is In The Works

It's official, a fourth "Crysis" game is in development at Crytek with the developer announcing the project in a blog post. Specifics of the game have yet to be detailed, but the reveal comes in the wake of a leak...
Call Of Duty Wont Be Exclusive Just Yet

“Call of Duty” Won’t Be Exclusive Just Yet

In the wake of the announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, one of the biggest questions from players has been if the latter's signature game franchise "Call of Duty" would still be playable on Sony consoles. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg...
Respawn Sets Three Star Wars Games

Respawn Sets Three “Star Wars” Games

Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm Games have officially confirmed that a sequel to 2019 single-player video game hit "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" is in the works. Though reports over the past year have hinted at a follow-up being in development,...
Console Scalper Claims Entrepeneur Creation

Console Scalper Claims ‘Entrepeneur Creation’

Speaking with Sky News last month in a story that's suddenly gained traction in the last few days, a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S console scalper has offered a justification for his business. Jack Bayliss of Aftermarket Arbitrage runs a...
Hitman 3 Hits Steam Gets Backlash

“Hitman 3” Hits Steam & Gets Backlash

One year after its release on console and as an Epic Games Store exclusive, IO Interactive's critically acclaimed "Hitman 3" has finally reached Steam whilst also simultaneously arriving on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. The Steam release though...
Xbox Chief On Activision Sony Plans

Xbox Chief On Activision & Sony Plans

In the wake of Microsoft's $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the largest acquisition deal in both gaming and tech sectors to date, there are some obvious questions being raised about the details of the deal and the inevitable...
Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer

“Horizon: Forbidden West” Story Trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment has premiered the three-minute story trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming PS exclusive "Horizon: Forbidden West" from Guerrilla Games. The sequel to the acclaimed "Horizon: Zero Dawn," the title is still on track for its February 18th...
Aardman Team Plan An Open World Game

Aardman Team Plan An Open World Game

"Wallace & Gromit" creators Aardman Animations are reportedly developing a new, open-world video game based on an original IP of their own creation. The game will focus on "inventive mechanics and compelling characters" in a title that tonally is a...
Judgement Tv Series In The Works

“Judgement” TV Series In The Works

"Judgment" and "Lost Judgement," the successful spin-off games tied to Sega's best-selling "Yakuza" franchise, are reportedly being adapted into a live-action TV series. Kotaku and Collider report that according to Japanese publication Nikkai Gendai, a TV adaptation is potentially in...
Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard For 68b

Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard For $68B

Microsoft is acquiring rival Activision Blizzard in a deal that will fundamentally shake-up the video game sector. The deal was made for a stunning $68.7 billion all-cash transaction, the largest in Microsoft's history and the biggest ever takeover deal in...
God Of War On Pc Draws Raves Sales

“God of War” On PC Draws Raves & Sales

Over three years after it was released as a PlayStation exclusive, Santa Monica Studios' "God of War" reboot finally comes to the PC today and so far it has been a smash hit. At the time of writing,...
Ps4 Production Continues Due To Ps5 Shortages

PS4 Production Continues Due To PS5 Shortages

Sony has confirmed it will continue making previous-generation PlayStation 4 consoles through the end of 2022. Bloomberg reports that the company had originally planned to shut down production of the older model late last year. However, the ongoing shortage of chips...
Take Two Zynga Combine In Major Deal

Take-Two & Zynga Combine In Major Deal

In a deal reportedly worth $12.7 billion, console and PC games publisher Take-Two Interactive ("Grand Theft Auto," "BioShock," "Borderlands") is planning to acquire casual mobile-games vendor Zynga ("FarmVille," "Golf Rival"). Should it go through, the result will be one of...
E3 2022 Cancels Its In Person Event

E3 2022 Cancels Its In-Person Event

The Electronic Software Association has announced that their signature yearly gaming expo, E3, has cancelled its in-person event for 2022. While plenty of live events are scrapping or switching to virtual-only events due to the currently raging Omicron variant of...
Sony Announces Horizon Game For Psvr2

Sony Announces “Horizon” Game For PSVR2

Sony used its CES presentation to confirm PlayStation VR2 will be the name of the new VR system. Along with a litany of improvements over the old PS4 model, the headset itself will include responsive feedback, eye tracking, a 110-degree...
Square Enix Chief Hopes For Nft Future

Square Enix Chief Hopes For NFT Future

In a recently published open letter, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has discussed plans to "ramp up our efforts" to develop business involving NFTs, the metaverse and blockchain tokens - all of which they see as a big part...
Evil Dead Game To Feature 1981 Film Cast.png

“Evil Dead” Game To Feature 1981 Film Cast

Much of the original cast of Sam Raimi's original 1981 "Evil Dead" film are reuniting forty years later for "Evil Dead: The Game" at Team Games and Saber Interactive. Bruce Campbell (Ash), Ellen Sandweiss (Cheryl) and Hel Delrich (Scotty) are...
Stahelski Plans To Do Tsushima Film Right

Stahelski Plans To Do “Tsushima” Film Right

Nearly a year ago came word that "John Wick" helmer Chad Stahelski was set to direct a film version of the award-winning 2020 PlayStation video game "Ghost of Tsushima". Appearing at the premiere of "The Matrix: Resurrections" this week, Stahelski...
Next Mass Effect To Use Unreal Engine 5

Next “Mass Effect” To Use Unreal Engine 5?

The original "Mass Effect" game trilogy, and its recent 'Legendary Edition' remaster, were created in Unreal Engine 3 and they remain one of the highlights of that iteration of the gaming engine. The less well regarded "Mass Effect: Andromeda" was...
Ubisoft Barely Selling Any Of Its New Nfts

Ubisoft Barely Selling Any Of Its New NFTs

Ubisoft's recent experiment in NFTs has proven a bit of a disaster at launch. Kotaku and Eurogamer report that a grand total of 15 NFTs, which they dub 'Digits' and are part of the new 'Ubisoft Quartz' experience, have been...
Ps5 Gets Five Color Covers Controllers

PS5 Gets Five Color Covers & Controllers

The PlayStation 5 comes with two removable white console cover plates, and so it was expected that this would lead to a booming business in custom covers. However Sony has generally cracked down on those trying to customise the existing,...
More Details On The Matrix Awakens

More Details On “The Matrix Awakens”

Following its release late last week, more details are out via Variety regarding the rather incredible "The Matrix Awakens" tech demo now available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. "The Matrix Awakens" is designed to show off the...
Game Trailers Sonic Nightingale Arc Tchia

Game Trailers: Sonic, Nightingale, Arc, Tchia

Last night's Game Awards saw the premiere of dozens of trailers for titles on the way. So, following the ones highlighted earlier, the remainder has been split up into two sections. This section deals with newly announced titles. ...
Game Trailers Elden Hellblade Gollum Forspoken

Game Trailers: Elden, Hellblade, Gollum, Forspoken

Last night's Game Awards saw the premiere of dozens of trailers for titles on the way. So, following the ones highlighted earlier, the remainder has been split up into two sections. This section deals with games previously announced months,...
The Matrix Awakens Ue5 Demo Reel

“The Matrix Awakens” UE5 Demo Reel

Unreal Engine has released a ten-minute video showing off the introduction and some 'gameplay' from "The Matrix Awakens". Downloadable now for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, 'Awakens' is a tech demo showcasing the power of Unreal Engine 5 -...
New Trek Expanse Dune Texas Games

New “Trek,” “Expanse,” “Dune,” “Texas” Games

Dramatic Labs, a developer stacked with former employees of Telltale Games, has announced "Star Trek: Resurgence," a choice-driven adventure game set shortly after the events of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". You follow First Officer Jara Rydek and engineer...
The 2021 Game Awards Winners

The 2021 Game Awards Winners

Hazelight Studios and EA's "It Takes Two," a touching and impressively designed co-op title, took home the top prize at this year's The Game Awards. The game won Game of the Year along with best family game and best multiplayer...
Alan Wake Game Sequel Set For 2023

“Alan Wake” Game Sequel Set For 2023

Its official, Remedy Entertainment has announced a direct "Alan Wake" sequel which will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2023. The game will be more of a survival horror title than the action-horror title both...
Wonder Woman Game Announced

“Wonder Woman” Game Announced

Monolith Productions and Warner Bros. Games have released the announcement trailer for a new video game based on the iconic DC superhero "Wonder Woman". Monolith Productions were the creators of the critically acclaimed "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" and its sequel...
Gameplay Trailer Rocksteadys Suicide Squad

Gameplay Trailer: Rocksteady’s “Suicide Squad”

After two cinematic trailers at the DC Fandome events, Rocksteady Studios has now unveiled the first official gameplay trailer for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League". Aired during The Game Awards 2021, the game is set across a war-torn Metropolis...

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