Trailers: Steve McQueen’s Three New Docos

Trailers Steve Mcqueens Three New Docos

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailers for three new documentaries which hail from Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen (“Shame,” “Widows,” “12 Years a Slave”).

Picking up on themes from his Emmy-winning “Small Axe” anthology from last year, each of the new documentaries explores important moments in Black British history.

“Uprising” is a three-part series each examining a key event from 1981 – The New Cross Fire, the Black People’s Day of Action, and the Brixton riots. McQueen co-directed with documentarian James Rogan.

“Black Power: A British Story of Resistance” is directed by George Amponsah and examines the origins of the Black Power movement in the UK in the late 1960s.

Finally “Subnormal: A British Scandal” is directed by Lyttanya Shannon and explores how institutional racism in the 1960s & 1970s led to children being relegated to schools for the ‘educationally subnormal’ at disproportionate rates.

McQueen produces all three projects which will all be available on Amazon Prime Video from September 17th.

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