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French freelance digital artist

Illustration :
Creation of hi-resolution digital paintings for the print industry, book covers, boardgames, packaging, etc...

Alice in Wonderland Guardian Ella Spider harp Fantasy landscape Electron donor Fairy nuts Hold my blade Autumn tree Marasmus Mosquitoes hunter Psyche sight Collar of magic pearls Yin yang of world hunger Cendrea Espace gnome-weather-clock.jpg mermaid.jpg Elephant Dreams Dw5_deevad-mini_Final.jpg

Various visual style I also propose :

flutist-elf.jpg Longview sanglier-necromancienne.jpg universe-in-a-ball.jpg dark-drow.jpg

Concept art :
Character design, creatures, environments, model-sheets for the film and the video games industry.

lia model sheet Sintel  - preproduction model sheet of Sintel Essamilonia model sheet essamilonia-dw4.jpg Character design Sintel  - preproduction model sheet of Scale creature.jpg Production line-art of an environment concept art Sintel dragons cave Sintel  - environment production paint-over

Others :
Other competences:

hungry-fairy.jpg eolia.jpg eolia-cd.jpg packaging-lutinfernal.jpg 3D-game-preview.jpg