What happens when you put data science PhDs, content strategists, producers, editors, and a team of designers and developers in a room?

The same people that made our brands the fastest-growing sites online are the brains behind our award-winning ad solutions. We do things smart, and we do them fast.

We use our proprietary data and best-in-class creativity to tell brand stories, and our massive scale gets that content in front of the right audience at the exact moment that they need it.

Video, custom content destinations, innovative technology, social, mobile…we do it all in-house.

Ad solutions rooted in data and built for speed, engagement, and viewability

Dotdash offers a consistent suite of products across our sites for ease of scaled distribution. We also offer specific products by site based on the endemic needs of the category.

We combine fully-responsive ad serving technology and 20 years of audience targeting data with smart, high impact placements because we know that simple, fast, and interesting ads capture user engagement and translate to advertiser success.

  71% Viewability
Native CTR 76% above industry benchmarks
Custom media engagement 75% above industry benchmarks

Source: DFP Active View measure of viewability, 2019. US specific.

Beautiful, impactful, engaging creative that delivers on all major KPIs

We’ve been a leader in Programmatic for as long as it has existed.

With a team of programmatic experts, data scientists, engineers, and account managers, we take the complexity out of programmatic buying, and we do it better than anyone else.

We pair one of the most sophisticated, advanced ad serving methodologies in the industry with proprietary predictive algorithms to strengthen performance and deliver higher ROI for our clients.

By prioritizing programmatic over standard direct, we sell all inventory holistically. Our content is safe, our reporting is transparent, and methods of transaction are all created equally.

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