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About Dropbox

Dropbox was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007, and received seed funding from Y Combinator. Today, Dropbox is well-funded by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and Amidzad. Since launching publicly in September of 2008, we've attracted millions of users and are growing rapidly. We've been featured in the New York Times and on TechCrunch, and have won awards from places like PC Magazine and CNET.

Our passion is making a product that rocks and putting it in millions of people's hands.

If you're interested in joining us, we're looking for more talented people to join the Dropbox team, so be sure to check out our jobs page.

Drew Houston


Drew graduated from MIT and wrote the first lines of code for Dropbox while at a train station in Boston. These days he's usually out and about running Dropbox's business affairs, but he still contributes a lot to Dropbox's client software. In the little free time he has, Drew can be found jamming on his guitar.

Arash Ferdowsi


Arash took a break from MIT to work on Dropbox. He has his hand involved in every aspect of the product, but spends most of his time making sure Dropbox and its servers run as fast as possible. He's a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, DDR, and power ballads.

Aston Motes


Aston's an engineer on the web site side of Dropbox. After graduating from MIT a couple years ago, he jumped right into the world of startups and hasn't looked back since. In rare moments of free time, you can find Aston rockin' out on the drumset in Dropbox's office.

Jon Ying


Jon, a native Kansan, graduated from UC San Diego and currently does design work for Dropbox. In addition to his work on the web, Jon also draws the pictures you see on the site. In his free time, he likes writing music, playing DDR and cooking.

Rajiv Eranki


Rajiv was short of grabbing his Master's at MIT, but joined Dropbox to help Arash work on the server. When Rajiv's not working, you can find him at the track on his motorcycle. He's also the company's designated Rock Band drummer.

Rian Hunter


Rian joined Dropbox fresh out of MIT and has been loving the ride. He works on the client and spends his time making sure Dropbox syncs everything correctly and efficiently. In his spare time he likes to write love songs and is currently struggling reproducing the Rutherford experiment. Something about alchemy.

Mike Haimes


Mike's put his MIT education temporarily on hold to make the Dropbox client work seamlessly on all of your computers. When not working, he's probably making noise music, in search of strange cuisine, or complaining that San Francisco is way less fun than NYC.

Albert Ni


Albert graduated from MIT and currently does analytics for Dropbox. In his free time, he likes going to Shalimar, a restaurant near the Dropbox office. He's also a devoted fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and Bears.

Trevor Berg


Trevor graduated from Montana State University in 2006, and is a member of the Dropbox web team.

Michael Nagy


Michael is a graduate of Wayne State University. He does support, and other randomly assigned tasks for the team. When not slaying support tickets at Dropbox, Michael can be found teaching computer courses in Michigan.

Will Stockwell


Will also graduated from MIT and works on mobile apps and the API for Dropbox. You may know him as the author of our iPhone app. Will's a huge music buff; his favorite genres include Future Blap, Tropical Crunk ...and Easy Listening.

Paul Bohm


Paul is working on the client. He likes cupcakes and bacon.

Andrea Smith

Support Lead

Andrea is the lead support lady for Dropbox, and when she's not helping you, she can be found playing video games, reading, or tooling around San Francisco, pretending to be a tourist.

Teresa Kenny

Office Manager

Teresa graduated from UC Davis in 2005 and currently resides in the Mission District. As Office Manager, she makes sure everyone at Dropbox is happy, healthy, and paid. Outside of Dropbox, she volunteers for a local music festival and a used book store. Also, she loves Excel.

David Euresti


David is yet another MIT grad. But since he graduated in '01, his undergrad career didn't overlap with any other Dropboxer here. In his spare time David likes to do theatre, play music, and find new hobbies.

Zed Shaw


Zed is a coder. That is all.

Kevin Chu


On a good day Kevin can spell MIT, but he graduated from UC Davis. His main claim to fame is being copy and pasted into the Special Edition of Star Wars. When not busy helping people, he plays drums and ice hockey, but not at the same time.

Ross Cohen


Ross is also a coder. That is all.

Scott Loganbill

Technical Writer

Scott is Dropbox's Technical Writer. When he's not at work obsessively monitoring help center voting results, he attempts to articulate technology to his infant by way of wild gesticulation.

Adam Gross

SVP Sales/Mktg

Adam comes to Dropbox from, where he was VP Platform and Developer Marketing, and previously co-founded Personify, one of the first web analytics companies. A proud Carnegie Mellon alum, Adam spends part of his time at Dropbox educating the team on the benefits of the Steelers over the Patriots.

Betty Kayton


Betty has over 20 years of experience as a CFO for numerous tech startups and helps keep Dropbox's finances in check.