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Save More by Spending Less
Competitively cheap domain prices while maintaining our high-quality services. With over 2,500,000 domains registered, we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers save money and manage their domains with ease.
Cheap Domains
We understand the importance of saving when purchasing a domain. Creating your online presence should be a simple and inexpensive process so you can start creating your relevant digital content quickly. Cost is a crucial factor when deciding where to register a domain, which is why we are constantly pushing our prices to some of the lowest in the industry.

We have transparent pricing with no forced second year renewal. Our frequent registration, renewal and transfer special offers keep us affordable and your wallets happy. That, combined with a streamlined checkout process and our commitment to not upsell, is why Dynadot is your best option for registering your domain names.

With a vast selection of domain names in over 500 top-level domain extensions still available for registration, our low prices aim to have you focus on what's important - managing your domain portfolio or your website.

How to Snag Your Cheap Domain

Registering your domain is as simple as using our domain name search and checking that domain name's availability. The results will display multiple domain extension options for you to choose from. Once you have discovered your perfect name, add it to the cart and proceed through the checkout process. You will have your domain registered within minutes.
If your ideal domain is already registered, try getting creative with an alternative name or check out other domain extensions that may fit your business. If you need ideas, check out our domain name suggestion tool!
Transparent Pricing is Key
Our cheap domain prices are not an illusion. At Dynadot, we strive to make our platforms simple and intuitive. This extends to our domain registration, renewal and transfer prices.
No Hard Upselling
The domain registration industry has a tendency of tacking on additional services that are not required. Getting a cheap domain is not worth the hassle if you end up spending double what you anticipated due to confusing upselling tactics. With Dynadot, there will not be addons attached to your cart. Automatic domain renewal will not be turned on by default. We want you to get exactly what you are looking for and meet your spending expectations.
Making Registrations Easy
Much like our domain management platform, our checkout process across the website is clean and simple. You will not be bogged down with options while making purchases. We aim to have our checkout processes user-friendly, secure, and quick with no confusion.
Flat Rates
Many registrars will push their domain prices extremely low while increasing the second-year renewal price. This second-year renewal becomes mandatory on purchase. At the end of the day, you are spending more for what you thought was a cheaper price due to misleading pricing tactics. Dynadot domain registrations are a flat rate, we keep our prices low without deception. We want our cheap domain prices to be easy to understand.
Who Benefits from Low Prices?
Purchasing a domain should not be a hurdle in meeting your online objectives. Cheap domain prices, combined with our easy-to-use platform, will help new and existing domain registrants save both time and money, regardless of your goals. But how do our low prices help you?
One-off Domain Purchasers
Grab your domain quickly while not having to worry about the cost. Our sale prices will be your ideal solution for getting your perfect domain without hassle or overspending. Whether you are registering a domain for a hobby group or a personal project, we have you covered. If you have questions, our support experts are available 24/7 to assist you.
Small Business Owners
Why spend more than necessary when creating your brand's online presence? Our cheap domain prices will ensure that your dollars are going towards other important business expenses. Kick off your online business in the most efficient way.
Large Businesses
Whether you are setting up a microsite for your digital marketing campaign or ensuring that you have multiple top-level domains (TLDs) covered for your business name, using Dynadot is an opportunity to save more. Our domain management platform will help you stay organized while managing multiple domains and allows for bulk adjustments for efficiency.
Domain Investors
Buying cheap domains in bulk has never been so cost efficient. Our bulk and super bulk price discounts save you more while our competitive prices make sure you can maximize your spending - so you can have even more domains in your repertoire. Be sure to check out our domain aftermarket for opportunities for great investments and to connect with other buyers if you are looking to sell.
Other Dynadot Services
Our low prices extend beyond our domains.
Dynadot offers many services to compliment your cheap domain name registrations.
Domain Management

Built with ease-of-use in mind

Organize all your domains with folders

Simple DNS adjustments

Bulk domain settings changes

Website Builder

Free one-page website with every domain

Free hosting on sites using our builder

Sleek pre-built templates to get started quickly

Use to meet your online needs - from blogs to e-commerce stores


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for advanced options

Encrypt your domains with SSL

Email hosting to connect your domain with unlimited addresses

Privacy & Security

Free WHOIS privacy for all domains

Spam protection to stop unwanted messages

Free two-factor account authentication

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