Domain Security

Domain Security - Protect Your Account Using Authentication | Dynadot

Account Lock

Dynadot's account lock feature requires additional verification - beyond just username and password - before you can make changes to your account information, password, or domains. This is an extra layer of protection that helps prevent account and domain hijacking. To unlock your account you'll need to enter your birthday under the "My Info" tab and the "Account Lock" subtab.

Two Factor Security

In addition to the security that comes with every Dynadot account, we also offer two security options that you can add to your account: SMS Authentication for customers without a smartphone or the Google Authenticator app for your Android or iPhone. Setting up these extra domain security measures is optional, but recommended as it increases the security of your Dynadot account by requiring two factor authentication.

Google Authentication

For those of you with a smartphone, you can download the Google Authenticator app as well as other similar authenticator apps to add to the security of your account. The app will provide a special token that you can use to unlock your account. The token works similarly to the special SMS code. It can only be retrieved from the app on your phone.

Learn how to use Google Authenticator with your Dynadot account

Learn more and install Google Authenticator

SMS Authentication

SMS stands for Short Message Service, which is just a fancy way of saying text messaging. You can activate SMS authentication right from your Dynadot account and we will text you a special code that you can use to unlock your account. All you need to set it up is your cell phone number, carrier information, and your cell phone to receive the initial text with the test SMS code (the test code expires within 1 hour). Please note that activating your SMS authentication requires us to send at least one text message to your cell phone and carrier fees may apply.

Questions about our SMS authentication? Visit our help files under the Account & Security category for more information.

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