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Drag and drop your website to life using our simple no-coding-required website builder. With a plethora of customization tools available, transforming your domain into a beautiful website is a breeze. Gain full control over the design to create a look that suits you or your brand through colors, fonts, page configurations, and more. Our powerful website builder will help you build the personal or professional website you're looking for.

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All The Tools
We take care of the difficult tasks so you don't have to. Our built-in tools allow you to focus on the creative side: design and content. Placing text & images, customizing visuals, blog setup, and more are all just a few clicks away.
Manage Your Brand
Strengthen your online presence and stand out. From e-commerce and social media integration to search engine optimization (SEO), your website will help your brand flourish.
Mobile Compatibility
No matter the device, your site will shine. Our website builder is built with mobile optimization in mind, so your audience will have a positive user experience regardless of their platform.
Email & Website Hosting
Your website builder plan comes with both website hosting and a branded email address as part of the package, at no additional cost.
The Plans
Discover the website builder plan that works for your website objectives. With Dynadot being an ICANN accredited domain registrar, it's simple to register your domain name and start building your website immediately!
Kick off your online presence with a one-page website. Ideal for simple, small websites to get you started.
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Drag-and-drop website builder

One page website

Mobile responsive design

Connect your domain and website easily

One email address

If you're interested in launching a personal website or blog, the BASIC plan is the perfect solution.
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All FREE plan features

Publish up to five pages

Blog creation and management tools

Up to five email addresses

Advanced website statistics

For more customization or for a larger site, our PRO plan is the perfect way to expand your online content.
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All BASIC plan features

Unlimited pages & email addresses

Custom CSS & JavaScript

New design tools

SEO Tools

Dedicated phone support

Dive into all the features that our website builder has to offer, with the ability to run your store online easily.
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All PRO plan features

Remote email access

Access all customization tools

Full e-commerce integration

Sell products with an onsite checkout

Manage online inventory

Include product reviews

Marketing discount tools

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See the full features list for our website builder plans.
Templates & Style
Customize and personalize to your heart's content! Our wide variety of tools allow you to create a website that matches your desired style. Use one of our many templates that are designed to set you up for success.
Bring out your creative side with our style editor. Create a unique website that blends colour, transparency, layout types and many page configurations.
Content Types
Images, text, videos, forms, social media buttons and more! Use our simple drag-and-drop tool to have complete control over how you want to show your content.
If you are looking for advanced customization tools, we provide code editors, multiple website editing contributors, and SEO tools to dig into.
Website Builder Testimonials
With thousands of users using our website builder tool, we take all praise and feedback to heart to make the best product for our customers.
With thousands of users using our website builder tool, we take all praise and feedback to heart to make the best product for our customers.
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Our website builder provides the tools and structure required to meet your online objectives without hassle. Getting started online doesn't need to be a challenge, and, by using our tools, you'll be up and running in no time.

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Our team is always available to clarify and assist at any step along your website building journey.

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