EASA’s Best Practice Recommendations are designed to provide support and advice to EASA’s self-regulatory organisations and industry members on the practice of advertising self-regulation. They are based on EASA’s Common Principles and Operating Standards of Best Practice and Best Practice Self-Regulatory Model.

EASA Best Practice Recommendations can be divided into two main categories: operational and blueprint. Operational Best Practice Recommendations give guidance on the operation, structure and procedures of SROs, while blueprint Best Practice Recommendations provide guidance on the remit and codes of self-regulatory organisations.

The content of any Best Practice Recommendation needs to be agreed on by the whole advertising eco-system and all self-regulatory organisations at European level.

EASA Best Practice Recommendations provide guidance and aim to achieve a consistency of remit and application throughout Europe for the benefit of European consumers and businesses, whilst recognising that the way to achieve this at national level may differ as a result of the national regulatory, cultural and societal context. 

Best Practice Recommendations do not constitute a European code and are not formally binding. The implementation of a Best Practice Recommendation at national level is the result of a negotiation process which takes into account the existing (self) regulatory framework and the legal background to find an approach best suited to the national circumstances and needs. 

The following EASA Best Practice Recommendations have been issued to-date:


Operational Best Practice Recommendations (only available to EASA members)

• Advertising Monitoring

• Claims Substantiation

• Code Drafting and Consultation

• Complaints Handling

• Confidentiality of Identity of the Complainant

• Copy Advice

• Jury Composition

• Publication of Decisions

• Self-Regulatory Organisation Communications

• Self-Regulatory Organisation Funding

• Standards of Services


Blue Print Best Practice Recommendations (available to the general public)

• Digital Marketing Communications

• Online Behavioural Advertising


For more information, please look at the Overview of EASA Best Practice Recommendations. Should you wish to get the full Best Practice Recommendations, please contact EASA Secretariat.