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New tools for corrosion management

Protect equipment and lower the US $2.5 T annual global cost of corrosion with Knovel Corrosion.

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Useful technical data that solves engineering problems

To get ahead of safety and process risks and win the productivity race, you need decision-support information solutions that give you trusted data from multiple sources and content types, provide you with analytical and calculation tools, integrate with engineering software and the rest of your digital toolkit and give you continuous access – even when you’re away from your desk.

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Knovel helps organizations increase productivity, improve education, minimize risk and optimize business performance by enabling users to:

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Knovel Plus Compendex

Essential engineering tools, best practices and research

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Knovel Corrosion

Protect your assets with corrosion tools and resources

Improve operational efficiency and engineering productivity

With Knovel, engineers get a comprehensive and reliable support solution that helps them avoid losing precious hours sifting through technical data, trying to validate its accuracy and integrating it into their workflow. Knovel helps engineering organizations:

Get answers to engineering questions - Knovel | Elsevier

Get answers to engineering questions: Over 80% of Knovel users find engineering information that is directly applicable to a project.

Reach market faster and increase efficiency - Knovel | Elsevier

Reach market faster and increase efficiency: Knovel users reduce project completion and rework time by 8-9%, and avoid spending 3-15 hours per month looking for information

Solve design and development problems and meet specifications using trusted engineering data - Knovel | Elsevier

Solve design and development problems and reduce costs: 83% of users agree that Knovel helps their organizations reduce costs in design and development work, including consultancy fees and internal costs.

Build technical knowledge on current industry topics - Knovel | Elsevier

Build technical knowledge on current industry topics: Knovel provides a wide range of essential technical information so that it's easier to develop knowledge in new areas.

Meet EHS, regulatory and customer demands - Knovel | Elsevier

Meet EHS, regulatory and customer demands: 83% of users report that Knovel has had a positive impact on their ability to develop products and processes that meet EHS and regulatory demands or key customer criteria.

Reduce costs by 50% with Knovel

Knovel helped us reduce design
and fabrication costs by 50%.

Source: Engineering Technology Leader

What our customers say

Cost-effectively debottlenecking a polypropylene plant

Cost-effectively debottlenecking a plant - Knovel customer story thumbnail

Using Knovel, a global engineering team successfully identified the most cost-effective approach for debottlenecking a plant, increasing capacity and revenue.
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New solution to treat corrosion reduces downtime and costs

New solution to treat corrosion - Knovel customer story thumbnail

Access to Knovel’s broad range of resources helped a process engineer find a new corrosion solution that reduced downtime and costs.

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