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QUOSA at a glance

Discover the key benefits of QUOSA in this quick guide.

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Right tools for Pharmacovigilance

With more data today than ever before monitoring has become challenging. Learn how we can help.

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Find, organize and share scientific literature

Consolidating and standardizing literature locations and tools helps life sciences companies with research efficiency, saves on costs, and streamlines critical regulatory workflows. It also supports compliant literature storage and sharing.

Our improved QUOSA solution is a complete online information management tool designed for life sciences companies. It centralizes the process of collecting and sharing scientific information to ensure efficient and compliant use of the knowledge base.

In addition, QUOSA supports searches performed on subscription services, including Embase, PubMed and others.

The five pillars of QUOSA:

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Search of literature databases and consolidation of alerts

Picto illustration for text retrieval from articles

Retrieval of full-text, abstracts and metadata, with article deduplication

Picto illustration for content organization

Content organization, e.g., group libraries and projects

Picto illustration for sharing and use of content

Copyright-compliant sharing and use of content*

Picto illustration for support information management

Enrichment to support information management, e.g., article annotations and tagging

QUOSA is specifically developed for life sciences companies in consultation with industry information professionals. This customizable end-to-end solution can meet your most demanding scientific literature management needs without changing your existing workflows.

Who QUOSA supports


Medical and regulatory affairs teams needing to rapidly respond to queries


Research and discovery teams working with a large, shared knowledge base


Drug and device safety teams focused on post-market surveillance

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Managing scientific literature to support drug/device development and safety

Scientific literature is a critical component to virtually all aspects of a life science enterprise, including Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, and R&D. In this webinar, Heather Desmarais, will show you how QUOSA  can help keep you and your colleagues up to date on the newest developments, while fostering collaboration, enabling faster workflows and more.

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Heather Desmarais is a knowledge and information management consultant, as well as the founder and principal of HJDesmarais Consulting LLC. Heather worked in academic and corporate information centers before launching her consulting business in 2015. She received her MLS from the State University of New York at Albany and is based in the Boston area.

QUOSA drug development webinar

How QUOSA works

QUOSA’s easy-to-use browser-based solution consolidates your external and internal literature resources into a single, centralized, scalable online library. It provides all the tools needed for efficiently organizing, searching, sharing and annotating information. You can use QUOSA to search other sources, including Embase® and PubMed®, and retrieve references from them. You can also set email alerts to let you know about new documents that are relevant to your searches in those databases. QUOSA ensures that all stakeholders can answer the three essential questions in literature management:

  • Where is the literature?
  • How is it organized?
  • Do we have the right to store and share full-text articles?*

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* Provided CCC Annual Copyright License is integrated with QUOSA

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Featured QUOSA customer story

Donna Sees, an Information Consultant with PharmIntell Consulting, has been a librarian in the medical field for more than 10 years. In this article, she discusses post-market surveillance processes and best practices for medical device companies.

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